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Aiming your putter face to your line and then moving the putter down that line is paramount. How you stand at your putt matters not. More important is what stance (for you) makes it easier and comfortable to see and align yourself to the target line. Experiment with different styles of stance and posture until […]

Speed from Timing

Enthusiastically yes! Ever wonder how great shooters in basketball look so effortless from long distance? It’s because of timing, proper sequence of muscle movement and good balance. To stick with the basketball example, a shooter’s motion and power comes from, and starts with, the legs (bigger muscles), then the motion (power) moves up the body’s […]

Educate and Welcome Beginners

Beginners need two things: First to be welcomed at facilities and made to feel comfortable. Second, they need to educated as to some basics of the game if wanting to go play. For example know the importance of playing without delay, searching for balls, putting out and picking up. They also need to know the […]

When Its Breezy, Time To Swing Easy

There is a tendency to swing harder in the wind. While it takes mental discipline, the best approach is to swing with less swing speed and focus on solid contact. Ever notice how some of your best shots seemed almost effortless? Use a relaxed, slower tempo, with more club (less loft) into the wind. It […]

Breathe and use a routine

Best way to tackle nerves and hammer your first tee shot? First, take a deep breath and exhale slowly intentionally lowering your heart beat and making it easier to focus. Next have and use your pre-shot routine just like any other shot. This will help your mind stay on the task of hitting a solid […]

...any putter that gives you the most confidence to make putts

My favorite putter recommendation is any putter that gives you the most confidence to make putts. There is however a distinct physical advantage with any putter that is face balanced (mostly mallets) for off-center hits aren’t affected nearly as much. Lastly, I’ve learned someone who is a good putter is a good putter with any […]

The Backswing Fix

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