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Dove Canyon Golf Club

Tony Letendre, PGA

Asst. General Manager
Dove Canyon Golf Club
Dove Canyon, CA

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Commit to it...

You know they say your first instinct is usually pretty safe – well in golf it is no different. Commit to your first read on the green, commit to your first thought on club selection. Here’s how I look at it – no matter what there is a 50/50 chance you are either right or […]

Has to work for you…

There is a happy medium between getting what you pay for and doing what you can afford. There are many qualified instructors out there. I am bias – PGA Professionals are the experts. However, some of the nation’s top instructors are not PGA. In my opinion, the most crucial thing is to get proper instruction […]

Most players do - but it’s okay if you don’t.

If you watch all the best players on the international tours, most take a divot when hitting a full swing, short iron. I believe this is because the angle of attack is slightly steeper than that of a long iron or fairway metal. This ensures ball first contact, which creates spin. Many of my students […]

My go to…

Practice is for practice, warm-up is just that – so my saying on tournament day after hitting a few to get loose: “If I didn’t bring it, I’m not going to find it now!”


There has to be a connection between the PGA Professional and their student. There’s nothing proprietary about what we teach. However, we all presented in a different manner. Finding an instructor that presents the material in a way you understand it is crucial to having success in learning this great sport. I always encourage my […]

Get it Rolling!

The short answer – as many of my fixes are – get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Here’s my theory: a ball rolling on the green is more predictable than one that flies to the hole with spin. Look to bump the ball so it lands 3 feet on and rolls to the […]

Read greens from afar...

Green reading is feel based IMO as a lot of how a putt will move is directly related to speed. The secret is to start with a solid foundation of the lay of the land. All greens MUST drain – there is always a low spot (or many) where water will move off the green. […]

Distance Control from Bunkers

Bunkers are (or at least should be) the easiest shot in golf – it’s an intentional mishit. In fact, bunkers are where I make the only guarantee in my teaching. I’ll make you better in 30-minutes or you don’t pay me. So when it comes to distance control in bunkers, I believe you can both […]

Mentoring isn’t a lost art…

I have many and will always have many mentors. Even in the internet era, where every answer can be found with a simple search, there is still no better way to learn the ropes than from a mentor who has been there before you. I recommend you always have people around you that can help […]

Clean your grooves!

I am no scientist, but grooves are designed to move grass, dirt, and water away from the impact point where the ball meets the face. I was always taught that the ball doesn’t care what you do or what it feels like, only what the face is doing at impact. So in my opinion, your […]

Golf clubs are like cars...

Well, the retailers on this page are not going to appreciate this but the truth is (in my opinion), golf clubs are like cars. Year to year the technology improves slightly. or multiple technological ideas are melded together into one product. But like car models, drivers from consecutive years are probably very similar to one […]

Grip - Keep it Simple

At the risk of sounding overly simplified – the grip is one of the most important fundamentals any golfer should learn. So important that Arnold Palmer’s father put his hands on the club and told him not to move them. Jack Nicklaus would return to his teaching professional every year for a fundamental tune-up. It’s […]

Starts with a turn

The most common slice I see is the classic “over the top” where the club cuts across the target line. The face angle is open to that path; otherwise you’d see a pull. Although this path is often caused by “throwing” your hands from the top (casting), I believe the root of the problem starts […]

Set Make-Up

The best thing anyone can do is consult with their PGA Professional. They will help standardize the gaps between your clubs for consistency top to bottom. Higher handicap golfers should favor higher lofted clubs. For example, a 16°-18° fairway metal can be easier to get of the ground; hybrids will be more forgiving than long […]

Putt on a yardstick

To groove a dependable, consistent putting stroke: putt on a yardstick. Being able to roll the ball down the yardstick (3 feet) ensures the ball is starting where you intend it to. All you have to do now is pick the right line and the right speed. Visualize that yardstick when on the course – […]

The Backswing Fix

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