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Rolling Meadows Country Club

Tony Rowe

PGA Teaching Professional
Rolling Meadows Country Club
Ellington, CT

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Pre-swing Fundamentals should be the main focus!

Golfers must understand that the swing that produces a slice is the result of poor fundamentals before the club starts in motion. The grip controls the club face and is usually one of the root causes of a slice, so gripping the club properly is paramount. From there alignment and ball position take center stage. […]

Aussie wins the Master's

Cameron Smith is going to win the Master’s. The 28 year old Aussie has been knocking on the door this year with good finishes in The Players Championship and Genesis Invitational. Both of those courses favor good ball strikers as does Augusta National. Add that to his two top five finishes at Augusta, T5 in […]

Set up correctly to spin the ball on short shots.

To put a little spin on the ball around the green you must first understand that you have to strike the ball at the bottom of the downswing. To do this requires a good set-up. Start with a narrow stance and position the ball a little back of the center in the stance. Lean the […]

Trust your PGA Professional!

Coming up with a 14 club set make up has a lot of variables. Consult your PGA Professional, this is what they do; help golfers improve their game through instruction and club fitting. It has been my experience that most golfers (excluding professionals and elite amateurs) over estimate their ability. Their shafts are too stiff […]

Speed is key when playing from deep rough.

Most golfers are not comfortable taking a big swing when they are in deep grass around the green but it is the only way to get consistent results. Treat this shot just like a sand shot. From an open stance position the ball forward, open the clubface and make a bunker swing. You should hit […]

Fishers Island Club, NY #5, GREAT par3!!!

You could put a lot of holes from Fishers Island Club on your list of favorite golf holes but to me the 229 yard, par three 5th ranks among the best in the world. The back tee location is on a point where you can see 3 states. One thing for sure when you play […]

Eyes over the ball and keep your head still!

A reoccurring problem I see among all golfers with their putting stroke is they position their eyes incorrectly at set-up and move their head before striking the ball. An easy way to correct these flaws is to place a small flat mirror on the ground and position a golf ball on it. When you set […]

The Backswing Fix

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