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Canyon Springs Golf Course

Canyon Springs Golf Course

Zachary Abels

PGA Golf Professional
Canyon Springs Golf Course
Twin Falls, ID

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Yes is the 10 cent answer

This topic could be discussed for days and then some. As technology continues to evolve teaching and coaching has become much more data driven. There are definitely pros and cons to this, at the end of the day what really matters is how many shots it takes to get it in the hole. If you […]

Winter is the time to make changes!

The winter/off season for most is the best time to make real changes to the golf swing. Really target what you want to improve on and get after it. Speed training is a great way to spend some time when you are indoors, assuming you have an area big enough to take a full swing. […]

Weighted clubs for the win

Best help for transition is weighted clubs. I am a huge fan of the Orange Whip. This product provides a lot of value. Being able to feel the added weight create some speed is a huge help when working on timing with the transition.

Shoulder, feet, club face

There really are three lines to pay attention to at set up. Club face, shoulders, and feet. I see a lot of players set up with open shoulders, aimed left for right handed players. This is a recipe for disaster more often than not. Using a mirror and or video to practice can help with […]

Speed Trainers on the rise

Two of my favorite trainers right now are Super Speed Golf and the Stack System. They can explain their process much better than I but both are definitely worth a look!

Orange Whip for the win

I’m a huge fan of the Orange Whip training aid. Allows for some great stretching in a short amount of time. Hitting some longer pitch shots is better than taking quick full swings as well.

More important than you think!

While face angle plays the largest part in shot shape, how you get the face to impact matters. From a consistency standpoint having a repeatable plane can make a world of difference. Really the only way to know what your swing plane is doing is using some technology and trusting a coach to help you […]

Short swings still need speed

Often times when players are trying to shorten back swings they lose speed. A shorter more controlled backswing with speed through impact can often times produce more centered strikes and increase distance. Always remember speed is a major factor!

Set up matters

The simplest way to affect trajectory would be moving the ball around in your stance. Typically for a right handed player the more the ball goes towards your right foot the lower the ball flight will be. Tempo can play a factor as well. For more skilled players taking more club and swinging will a […]

You get what you pay for

Lesson fees are well thought out by the professionals. Most of the time you can receive a discount if you take a series of lessons. It’s important to find someone you are comfortable with even if it costs a touch more than expected.


This is one of the most misunderstood concepts in golf. In order to insure the most solid contact a divot should always be taken on the target side of the golf shot. Ball then divot. That being said some divots are deeper than others but should always be taken with every club in the bag […]

Looks come first

It’s always important when dealing with putters to find something that appeals to you visually. From there matching stroke to the arc of the putt. Putter technology has come a long ways and it’s silly to not take advantage.

Swaying is a killer

When golfer sway and move laterally it stops rotational movement and makes it extremely difficult to finish the golf swing. Often times swaying will lead to swings with lots of hand and arm movement to try and make up for the loss in swing speed due to lack of rotation. If the body won’t allow […] is the way to go!!!

When looking for an instructor comfort is the key. Typically male vs female is one of the biggest factors. With the PGA of America launching finding an instructor has never been easier.

Your clubs should be yours!

Fitting is an extremely important and much overlooked aspect of our game. Every serious player should be fit for clubs without question. There really isn’t a good argument against it. Playing clubs that aren’t fit for you can only hurt your ability to hit consistently good shots.

Keep it simple

The key to hitting a simple shot like a bump and run, keep it simple. Use a small swing and keep the club low to the ground. Experiment with lots of different clubs and see what you are most comfortable with and what produces the best results.

Change it up

Rarely if ever are players excited about bunker shots. Best advice I can give is try some different options. See what club in your bag you feel most comfortable with. Move the ball position around in your stance and see what produces the best results. Some players benefit from a more square face then the […]

Clean clubs = clean shots

Having a consistent club face is extremely important when hitting shots. Grooves are a not nearly as deep as you would think and having them clogged up with dirt and grass can greatly affect performance. This is very more important with any kind of wedge shot. Reducing spin can cause the ball to carry farther […]

The swing hickup

Often times players get the idea that they need to lift the golf ball. Lift comes from hitting down on the ball, any upward motion at impact is sure to cause a thin or middle of the ball strikes. I describe this motion as a swing hick-up or a sudden upward motion at impact. Getting […]

Speed is always the key

A couple of quick fixes to help with the fat or chunked shot. Ball position can play a big factor. If the ball is too far forward often times players can bottom out the swing before impact. If ball position is too far back players can get steep and hit behind it as well. Play […]

Club face matters most

Always make sure you align the club face first and then use that to align your body. At impact the club face matters most, making sure the face is in a good position at address can make all the difference in the world.

Similar but different

I like to describe the golf swing as a U. During the iron swing contact takes place at the bottom of the U. With driver contact takes place on the upswing ideally. With some simple ball placement and making sure you have a bit more spin tilt at address with driver the swings can be […]

Only when necessary

I strongly feel that the grip is extremely over taught. Squaring the club face at impact is the most important factor and that can be accomplished through a lot of different factors other than grip. Most grip changes can be insanely uncomfortable and unless it has to be done I try to avoid at all […]

Get tall and stay there

The obvious response is hit the bottom of the ball, but how? Lots of topped shots occur when there is a significant amount of lift on the backswing and players are not able to swing the down down into the bottom of the ball. Try standing taller at address and keeping the middle of your […]

Where am I and where am I going?

The biggest issue I encounter with beginners is how uncomfortable and uninviting a golf course atmosphere can be. Not knowing where the golf shop, practice facilities, first tee, and most importantly bathrooms can be a huge issue. Please know that all golf professionals want and need business so any questions that lead to you being […]

First time long shot

I like Tony Finau or Viktor Hovland this week!

Less can always be more

A good lie sitting up in the rough can often times fly farther. The sitting down lie can very easily produce a knuckle ball that will roll out but not fly. Often times less club from the rough can work out distance wise and take the long miss out of play.

Grip pressure is the key

90% of the time when I am working with a player on putting they squeeze the grip way too hard. The more pressure you put on the grip the more the face moves and rotates through impact. The best most simple advice you can try is to grip the putter as lightly as possible.

Alignment sticks for the win

The best couple of dollars you can possibly spend! Home Depot, Lowes, or any other hardware stores will have sticks in the mailbox section. Using alignment sticks in the only sure fire way of knowing you are properly aligned during practice. I highly suggest using a target on the ground an inch or 2 in […]

Growing up in it helps

Best advice is talk to and learn from people that grew up in windy areas. There is always the when its breezy swing easy train of thought, or play it back in your stance and hit it low. Both work but not everyone is comfortable seeing the ball back in their stance at address. Best […]

Grand Slam for Rory

Just have a good feeling that Rory gets it done!

Work on strength, speed, flexibility and conditioning

If you live in Idaho golf takes a back seat to hunting and skiing/snowboarding. Winter is the time to work on conditioning. I self admittedly hate the gym setting, but there are a lot of other ways to improve your game other than just lifting. I started doing pilates and love it. Going on some […]

You have to feel what works for you

It’s impossible and foolish to try and suggest what Bryson is doing isn’t what’s best for him. The key to that is that it work FOR HIM! If you have the dredded yikes or struggle coming out of putts before impact then I absolutely think some of his methods would be worth a shot. When […]

Keep it simple

I am a big fan of a 54 of 56 degree wedge played in the middle of your stance with your weight more on the lead foot. Too often golfers try to lift the golf ball during a pitch or chip shot. The bottom of the club and the ground are your friend.

DJ until someone stops him

Hard to bet against DJ and the roll hes been on. I would love to see Xander break through on such an iconic rest this week.

Aim right and turn hard!

Lots of misconceptions about how to actually hit a draw. I hear it all the time “just roll your hands over it.” Yes that will cause the ball to move right to left, but there is no constancy to this. In order to properly hit a consistent draw aim right of the target, swing the […]

90% mental the other half is physical

Like the great Yogi Berra once said, “Baseball is 90% mental the other half is physical.” I couldn’t agree more with regards to putting. So how do you fix the mental aspect? Get fit for a putter. Putter fittings often get overlooked and its the club you use the most. Loft and lie can make […]

Junior golf is the PRESENT and the FUTURE

Junior golf is a huge part of our facility at Canyon Springs. We have around 400 players throughout our year long programs. Our juniors are on the course as much as possible. I strongly feel that getting junior comfortable with on course settings is extremely important. When or if they need more instruction I find […]

It's all about the course you're about to play

I dont have a specific warm up routine. What I do to warm up completely depends on the course I’m going to play. If it’s a shorter course I will spend a lot more time on wedges. A longer course more mid to long iron work. I want to feel as comfortable as possible with […]

If you aren't nervous on the first tee you don't care

I’ll never forget watching an interview with Tiger Woods when he was asked if he still gets nervous playing golf. He immediately responded “If you are not nervous on the first tee you don’t care.” He went on to say he hopes he never loses that feeling because he then would know his time is […]

Open but with a different feel

In Idaho we are still open for business. We still have to abide by the 6 feet of social distancing. I have given a few lessons and the distance factor definitely makes you have to demonstrate much more than normal. A few students are still reluctant to come to the facility. I have recieved many […]

The Backswing Fix

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