Golf Tips Made Simple® is the name of my golf business as I don’t over complicate the swing

Brian Powers

PGA Member Teaching Pro
Golf Tips Made Simple®

Golf Professional Since: September, 2003

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Master Golf Teaching Professional®
PGA Class A Member
Multiple wins on Pepsi Tour ‘07-‘08

Brian Powers, PGA - River Ridge Golf Club

Golf Tips Made Simple® is the name of my golf business as I don’t over complicate the swing like so many other teachers do. I keep things simple, to the point and fix swing issues quickly without a lot of work as I have a great eye for that sort of thing. I don’t believe in making learning golf rocket science, as it’s not and doesn’t even have to be.

How old were you when you got started in golf and what eventually pulled you into becoming a golf professional?

I started playing golf in college when I was 19 years old. I took it up as a hobby (never with any intention of doing anything with it) and got pretty good pretty quick. In fact, I broke 80 in my first year of playing. I decided to become a golf professional because a golf buddy convinced me to take the PAT (playing ability test) for the PGA of America one day, which is 36 holes of golf in one day with a target score to pass. I was really doing it more for fun with the attitude that I have nothing to lose. Well, I passed and that’s when I decided to get in the golf business as a golf professional.

Do you specialize in teaching any facets of the game?

I specialize in teaching the full swing as I come from a very successful high school baseball background, transitioning into golf after a career ending throwing shoulder injury shortly after in college. The two swings are a lot alike and great for each other. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

What sets you apart from other golf professionals?

I’m very patient with all of my students. I’m fun to be around. And I fix swings quickly so you don’t have to take a zillion lessons from me. That’s how I sleep well at night. All I ask is that you tell your friends what I’ve done for your golf game.

What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

Personally, the most exciting thing for me on the horizon is my nonprofit 501(c)(3) called Reach Out A Hand USA, which currently is helping thousands in need every month throughout the country find free or affordable food, shelter, clothing and drinking water nearby through our website at We are growing and have been making a big, nationwide impact helping mostly the homeless, but many others in need as well. Our website has real answers for real people in need throughout our country.

What has been your most challenging experience with a student and how did you handle it? How did you overcome it?

The most challenging experiences for me as a teaching professional are the students who don’t really listen well enough to what you’re saying and incorporate it immediately with focus and attentiveness. This happens every once and a while and is frustrating for both the student and teacher as I have to sometimes say the same thing 10 different ways until a student finally gets it. That’s okay as I’m also patient, as we all learn at different paces and oftentimes in different ways.

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