I specialize in making it a point to be the best teacher in All Phases of the game and for demonstrating, teaching, and learning all shot skills.

Golf Channel Academy of Jacksonville with Kirk Jones

Kirk Jones

PGA Golf Professional
Windsor Parke Golf Club
Jacksonville, FL

Golf Professional Since: Turned Pro in 1983 and PGA member 1993

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Multiple PGA Award winner for golf instruction and education.

Kirk Jones - Windsor Parke Golf Club

Kirk Jones is a pioneer in the subject of modern fundamental instruction. Kirk has been a leader in PGA education and a proponent of improving teachers to grow the game through the use of modern technology and a simple fundamental model. His book was recently discovered and chosen to replace the PGA teaching manual by the PG TAA organization that teaches people how to be successful professional golf teachers.

How old were you when you got started in golf and what eventually pulled you into becoming a golf professional?

First started around age 8 when my parents dropped their four boys off for Summer Golf Camp. As a talented athlete / baseball player who threw his arm out at age 14, I turned to golf as my sport of choice.

How do you stay current with the latest developments in teaching methods?

During my 40+ years as a golf professional and instructor I have constantly read and kept current with anything being considered as the best of the best. I studied, watched, and even took lessons from some of the top teachers in the world when I was younger. I hung around and listened to the stories of great players of the past and present. I really pay attention to anything that can make the teaching and learning of golf easier and more efficient.

What are 2 trends in golf that you’re excited about?

By far the most exciting Trend would be the development and recognition of a modern scientifically validated standard fundamental model for teaching and learning golf that has been developed over the past 10 years. Utilizing the latest technology and the collective minds of the best teachers of the past and present we have now developed a game-changer for hooking beginning golfers and improving core golfers. The second trend would be the great opportunity we have as a result of the business of Topgolf and the unfortunate pandemic that has a positive residual effect of increased outdoor activity.

Do you specialize in teaching any facets of the game?

I specialize in making it a point to be the best teacher in All Phases of the game and for demonstrating, teaching, and learning all shot skills.

What sets you apart from other golf professionals?

An excellent background and experience as a junior, college player and playing professional. Over 40 Years of teaching experience, 50,000 + hours teaching golf and really paying attention to whatever would make it easier and faster to learn golf skills. I also have developed the ability to demonstrate golfshot skills that no one else can confidently demonstrate. For example, I can demonstrate how when stymied against a tree and forced to hit a ball left handed, while kneeling I can do so confidently with a right-handed golf club.

What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

The unveiling of the standard fundamental teaching-learning model and the PGTAA teaching manual which replaces the old outdated PGA teaching manual. It is specific to the goal of growing the game of golf through better teaching and education. It presents a first logical standard fundamental model that will hook a significantly higher percentage of beginner golfers on Golf and will prevent most struggling golfers from quitting the game. It is the fundamental drawing board that has been missing in the game of golf!

What has been your most challenging experience with a student and how did you handle it? How did you overcome it?

By plugging students into the new fundamental model everything seems so much easier for everyone! Making things logical, simple, sequential, and duplicatable leads to great success in teaching and learning.

Do you actively play competitive golf? Any recent bragworthy performances you’d like to share?

I have won competitive events in 5 consecutive decades and 2020 provides an opportunity for me to make it a sixth decade of winning PGA golf events or golf events in general. Embarrassingly, life has gotten in the way and I have not played a single round of golf since the beginning of 2019. However, I’m excited to get back in the fold at age 60!

Is there a highlight from your career in golf that stands out above the rest?

Traveling to Japan to represent the NCAA in the NCAA All-Star event in 1982 with a team of great female and male American players was probably my most memorable event. Taking the lead into the final round of my very first major Junior event the Future Masters at age 17 was pretty exciting as well. I choked in the final round and finished tied for third. Wayne Player, Gary Player’s son, was the eventual winner that year.

Any advice for someone considering pursuing a career as a golf teaching professional?

I would first advise them to develop their background in All Phases of teaching and the technology utilized. Go out and observe the best teachers that you can have access to. Watch them give lessons. Take lessons from great professionals and read every relevant golf book that you can think of. Unfortunately, books have become less popular and there have been so many on the subject that it’s hard to determine which have the most helpful content. I would highly recommend the PGTAA teaching manual as the most comprehensive and relevant book on the subject today. The text just came out in very few people know about it.

Anything else you’d like to comment on while we have you?

If we are to grow the game of golf we must teach the teachers to be more competent in hooking the beginner golfer on Golf and improving the core golfer. Today’s golfer is increasingly confused by the various and often conflicting Concepts and delivery in the golf instruction world.

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