The greatest trend I see in the game is that some of the games great young players are swinging the club 'their way' and not getting consumed with trying to make the perfect golf swing.

Mattawang Golf Club

Mahlon Dow

PGA Golf Professional
Mattawang Golf Club
Belle Mead, NJ

Golf Professional Since: 1982

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Credentials / Certifications:

34 Years as a PGA Member
2008 Golf Inc Magazine – Most Admired Operator – Growing the Game
US Kids Top 50 Teachers – Elected 3 times
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 New Jersey Public Golf Professional of the Year – NJ Golf Styles Magazine
1992 and 1993 American Golf Corp Junior Golf Camp North East Lead Instructor

Mahlon Dow - The Mattawang Golf Club

The Mattawang Golf Club is a 18 Hole Public Course in Central NJ. The club was formally a Private club and was then called Pike Brook. New owners purchased the course in early 1994 and began operations as a Semi Private club. The club went to totally public in 2016.

The General Manager and Head Golf Professional at The Mattawang Golf Club is Mahlon Dow. A local to the area, for nearly 40 years he has been a highly regarded member of the New Jersey golfing community and a well respected instructor. In fact, Mahlon’s teaching record includes the training of eight Junior New Jersey State Junior Champions.

How old were you when you got started in golf and what eventually pulled you into becoming a golf professional?

I first took up golf at the age of nine. My dad took me to the local driving range and then out to walk with him and his friends after some time. I played and enjoyed all sports throughout my youth, but by the age of thirteen I could see that Golf was the game that could last a lifetime. I continued playing other sports through High School but in College began to concentrate on just Golf.

How do you stay current with the latest developments in teaching methods?

I keep up with the latest teaching methods by reading and attending all the Golf Shows and teaching events possible. I am still more comfortable teaching with what my eyes see and what the golfer feels and is trying to accomplish then some of the more modern methods with numbers etc.

What are 2 trends in golf that you’re excited about?

The greatest trend I see in the game is that some of the games great young players are swinging the club ‘their way’ and not getting consumed with trying to make the perfect golf swing. We went through about a twenty year time frame where nearly all young golfers were chasing that perfect swing. I saw every practice tee loaded with great golf swings but no so many great players who could find a way to score. It is nice to see that change.

I also can see many really good young athletes taking up golf at an early age. These good athletes have a more athletic approach to the game and competition.

What sets you apart from other golf professionals?

I would say that my interest in Junior Golf began earlier then most Pros who started when I did. I transitioned right from Jr Golf and college to teaching Juniors and having a lot of success in my Assistant Pro years with many of those Juniors moving on to play high level college golf. It was a very natural thing for me, I had Golf Pro’s who were always nice to me as a Junior and I just treated Juniors like I was treated. Very quickly, I was known for growing the game but it was not because of a conscious effort.

Is there a highlight from your career in golf that stands out above the rest?

The highlight of my career is easily seeing the success of the boys and girls who have gone through our camp programs. Many went on to be successful golfers. We often had our campers filling out two local high school teams, both boys and girls. Even more rewarding was seeing so many become successful in adult life and coming back to say what a big part of their youth the camps were. I often see children of children I taught here at Mattawang playing and enjoying the game.

Any advice for someone considering pursuing a career as a golf teaching professional?

I hear too much negative reactions locally by other Golf Professionals about the profession and too many are steering young people away from working at the game they love. From my view the profession has been much greater then I could have dreamed of. My advise to others would be to pursue the game as a profession if you love the game and you will have a very rewarding future. I have never worked in another profession but I can honestly say that I go to work excited everyday. My son is now in this profession and managing his own driving range.

Anything else you’d like to comment on while we have you?

Thanks for the opportunity, I am a big fan of your work!

Enjoy the game! Mahlon

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