I stay current by competing in Major Championships as well as national and sectional tournaments. I have played with many of the top players in the world and consulted with their coaches as well.

GlenArbor Golf Club

Rob Labritz

PGA Tour Champions member
GlenArbor Golf Club
Westchester County, NY

Golf Professional Since: 1991

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Credentials / Certifications:

PGA Member since 2000, 3X Metropolitan PGA Player of the Year, 7X Westchester GOlf Association Player of the Year, 3X New York State Open Champ, 3X Metropolitan Professional Champ, 4X Westchester PGA Champ, 4X Polo Head Professional Champion, Westchester Open Champ, 2X PGA Low Club Professional at the PGA Championship, Competed in 7 PGA Championships

Rob Labritz - GlenArbor Golf Club

I’ve been a golf professional since 1991 and a PGA Member since 2000. I wear many hats as a PGA Professional. My rare combination of skills supports my golf life as a PGA Professional, Director of Golf, ‎Performance Coach and Spokesperson for my sponsors. I back up his passion with hard work and a consistent ability to win tournaments. I have played in 7 PGA Championships, coach golfers at all levels with proven and holistic methods, and run one of the most prestigious clubs in the country. I care deeply about the game to greatly benefit players, fans, friends, family and my team.

I am the Director of Golf at the GlenArbor Golf Club in Bedford Hills, NY. I competes on Tours all over the world. I am one of the top PGA playing professionals in the U.S. winning a number of titles and accolades, including finishing as the low PGA Professional at both the 2010and 2019 PGA Championships. My hole-out in the 2013 Professional National Championship was the #1 Top Play on SportsCenter. Sponsors include Titleist, FootJoy, Strategies for Wealth and Centerview Partners.

How old were you when you got started in golf and what eventually pulled you into becoming a golf professional?

I started playing golf at the age of 4 as I lived on a small public golf course called Pattonbrook Country Club. I always knew from a young age that I wanted to make golf my career in any fashion. I truly love competing, coaching, managing, and practicing which are the cornerstones of my career.

How do you stay current with the latest developments in teaching methods?

I stay current by competing in Major Championships as well as national and sectional tournaments. I have played with many of the top players in the world and consulted with their coaches as well. I share ideas with other top coaches and am constantly looking for new ways to get my point across to my students.

What are 2 trends in golf that you’re excited about?

I am excited about the boom in golf brought on by Covid-19. Not to say that I am excited about a global pandemic, however golf is a great, safe haven to be outdoors and safely social distance from other people while still maintaining social relationships.

Do you specialize in teaching any facets of the game?

I am an all around coach of the game. I specialize in every area of the golf game. I start new golfers from the hole and work backwards toward the tee box. I always start out the coaching process by playing a few holes with clients on the golf course to get an overview of their skills and set up a game plan from that point. This way I see every part of their game which will determine their course for improvement.

What sets you apart from other golf professionals?

My strong playing background, practice regimen, vision and physical fitness sets me apart from other golf professionals. My life is dedicated on improving my golf game and coaching my players to get the most out of their golf games. There is no ‘secret pill’ to improvement. There is just knowledge, trust, commitment, dedication and future vision of what you want your golf game to do and represent you as a golfer.

What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

Two things that excite me:
1. I am going to be a father for the 3rd time as my wife Kerry is pregnant.
2. I am turning 50 in 2021 so I look forward to competing in the regular and senior tournaments.
3. Being able to share my knowledge as a golf professional with all of my students.

Do you actively play competitive golf? Any recent bragworthy performances you’d like to share?

Yes I still play competitive golf and will until I cannot hold a golf club any more. At the 2019 PGA Championship I earned low PGA Club Professional honors And made my second cut in a major championship in front of my home crowds in the state of New York. That was very special to me!

Is there a highlight from your career in golf that stands out above the rest?

Yes! In 2013 I holed out a 52 degree Titleist Vokey wedge in a playoff in the PGA Professional National Championship (in Sun River Oregon) to earn the last spot in that years PGA Championship at Oak Hill in Rochester, New York. That play was the number one play on ESPN plays of the week. Very cool. To this day I still have people tell me stories about where they were when they were watching the shot live on the Golf Channel.

Any advice for someone considering pursuing a career as a golf teaching professional?

My advice is to find the area of the game that you are the most passionate about. See yourself succeeding in that area daily and do everything possible to obtain your vision. You only go around this world once so make the most of it!

Anything else you’d like to comment on while we have you?

I am truly passionate about the game of golf. I am also very fortunate to love what I do and have surrounded myself with people that feel the same way. The game is a never ending challenge that will give you years of joy if you let it. Even in the times when you feel frustrated remember that you are playing a game and making the most of it. DO NOT let your emotions get in the way of self discovery. This is a funny game that can make you question yourself. DO NOT let that happen. Enjoy the journey!! And if you ever want a non biased opinion please reach out to me at any time!

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