We recently had a chance to review a golf / fitness product called “The Most Important Stretch in Golf” which claims to add 20-25 yards to your drives in 2 weeks. With such a big claim, we had to give this product a shot. There’s been numerous training aids over the years that have made this claim in one way or another. Most of them haven’t been able to live up to their claims – and if they did, it was a long shot (no pun intended).

Long story short: the MISIG is a great product. If you use this product correctly, you can almost instantly feel a stretch in your torso, shoulder, and hips. Watch the video above as we test out this fun new device.

Product Name:  The Most Important Stretch in Golf
Category:  Fitness (stretching device)
Purpose:  Creates a stretch in your shoulders, back and hips, which can lead to a deeper, wider golf swing and more consistent shoulder turn.
How it works: Check out the explainer video directly from MISIG on YouTube.
Company website:
Where to purchase: MISIG Website