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On Point Ball Marker





Interviewee: Briston Peterson
Company: On Point Golf Ball Marker
Location: Basalt, Colorado
In Business Since: January 1, 2018
Business Phone: 970-948-5597
Product Categories: Three dimensional golf ball markers

Backswing Interview with Briston Peterson

Backswing: Tell us a bit about your background. And what pulled you into the game of golf?

Briston:  I am married to my wife Suzanne and also own a custom general contracting business in Aspen, Colorado.  We build homes for the one percent of the one percent.

My uncle introduced me to the game of golf at a young age.  He was a top golfer from Binghamton, New York.  He would play with the likes of Lee Trevino, Frank Conner and Gary McCord.  My uncle taught me golf and I would visit him when the Endicott Open was in town.  Lee, Frank or Gary would stay at his house. I recall the incredible golf stories told by the four of them.  These stories and conversations influenced my life at a young age and I still recall many of these today.   I enjoy the walk in the game of golf and continue to meet incredible people along the way.

Backswing: What inspired you to create the On Point 3D golf ball marker and launch your business? Was there a specific problem or issue you set out to help solve?

Briston:  The business was launched in an inspirational conversation with one of my best friends James “Ribbs” Verna.  We both have poor eyesight and wear prescription glasses.  We figured that there must be a better way to mark your golf ball.  Our mission was simple:  How can we create a better ball marker that seamlessly fits between the putter head and the golf ball?  How can we create a ball marker that you can actually see?   How can we create a ball marker that will improve your game?  How can we create a ball marker that if used properly will help increase the pace of play?  So, we designed, developed, patented, and traded marked the three dimensional Onpoint golf marker and the rest is history.

The Onpoint marker helps the golfer engage with their putt line.  Through spatial acuity and alignment technology the Onpoint marker will force the golfer to engage with their putt line and help the golfer establish a more accurate line and assist with distance reading to the golf hole.    The more the golfer engages with a three dimensional marker versus a two dimensional marker the more confidence the golfer will have with their intended line and distance to the hole.

Backswing: What are the primary benefits from using your 3D ball marker?

Briston: In sports there is a term called marginal gain.  Golf is a series of marginal gains.  Clearly you must have talent to become a better golfer but if we can incorporate technology into your game then we can exploit the variable of the marginal gain.  Onpoint is marginal gain.

What does every golfer do in the game of golf?  Every golfer marks their ball on the green.  No one in the golf industry has properly addressed the science and technology of the ball marker.

Our science is proven.  Ball markers are flat objects, flat coins,  flat poker chips and flat divot tools.  Onpoint is a three dimensional ball marker that simulates the spherical shape of a golf ball.  The difference between the two dimensional flat coin or poker chip and our three dimensional ball mark is the absence of the Z-axis in the two dimensional coin or poker chip. Thus when the golfer reads their flat coin or poker chip they render their ball marker as a flat mark.  Our three dimensional markers have an extra Z-axis to add to the depth of the marker so it is easier for the golfer to read their mark on the green and engage with their intended line.  The more variables that a golfer can eliminate the more successful the golfer will become.  Our markers will help the player lower their score by the elimination of these variables.  The golfer will have more confidence in defining their line, eliminating the one variable,  assisting with better distance to the hole thus helping the golfer eliminate a second variable.  Now all the golfer needs to do is transfer the knowledge from the marker to the golf ball  and then align the ball with their intended line and execute the putt.  The more the golfer can engage with their line and eliminate variables out of their equation then the more successful the golfer will become.  Onpoint ball markers will help lower their score.

Our markers also have a removable coin on the bottom of the marker.  If the player thinks that the Onpoint ball marker will interfere with the play of others then this is when the golfer should use the flat coin on the bottom of the mark.

Tell me how a golfer is supposed to read a putt  line with a flat coin or a poker chip?  Especially, when you have a 10’, 20’ or 30’ putt? You need to put your golf ball down and then read the putt.  This all takes time and delays the game.  One of the biggest issues in the game of golf today is the pace of play on greens.

If used properly our markers will help increase the pace of play.  The golfer will be ready to execute their putt while the other golfers are taking their turn.   Engage with your Onpoint marker while you are waiting your turn and transfer your knowledge when it is your turn to play.    Execute your putt with more confidence.

Onpoint is changing the way golfers think about marking their ball and our customers are lowering their scores.  Our customers are eliminating the amount of three putts, making more putts and lowering their score.

Backswing: How has your product line evolved since the first rollout?

Briston: Our three dimensional ball markers continue to evolve.  We continue to refine the art of creating a better ball marker.  We are transferring all of the alignment technology that is being put into the golf ball and the putter head by some of the leading golf equipment and ball manufacturers such as Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist, Bridgestone, Srixon, etc. and incorporating this technology into our markers.  We have a backlog of products that we will  strategically release to the market as we continue to grow and expand into markets around the World.

Backswing: Jim Furyk has endorsed the OnPoint marker. That’s awesome. How has that impacted business?

Briston:  Jim Furyk is our brand ambassador.  Jim’s endorsement and use of the Onpoint ball marker has brought immediate credibility and attention to our brand and products.  Jim has brought both national and international attention to Onpoint in a short order and has accelerated our business plan and exposure.  I knew we had something when Jim told me, “Briston,  if I would have used the Onpoint golf ball  marker when I was younger, who knows how many more golf tournaments I would have won.”  Jim is one of the most respected golfers in the World and we are proud to have Jim as our main Onpoint brand ambassador.

Backswing: How would you compare your products to those of competitors?

Briston:    There is no comparison and we only compete against ourselves.   We own the space between the putter head and golf ball.  We have no competition.  Our three dimensional markers are patented and trademarked.  The Onpoint marker  is approved for use according to the rules of golf as defined by the USGA & R&A.

All of our markers have a flat removable coin on the bottom of the three dimensional domed marker.  We have the ability to customize the coins to your corporate event, outing, club, favorite charity or brand.  We have made thousands of custom units for such events.

If the golfer thinks that the Onpoint marker will interfere with the play or others or if the opposing player objects to the ball mark then this is when the player uses the flat Onpoint coin marker on the bottom of the domed mark.  We apply the same alignment technology on the coin.  Onpoint is a great product or gift for your golf event or golf outing.

Backswing: Are there any success stories from using your products you can share with our readers?

Briston: The products sell themselves.  We constantly get emails, texts and testimony from golfers around the World.  Golfers are always looking for a better way to lower their score and improve their game.  Once the beginning golfer, Sunday golfer, amateur golfer or professional golfer understands how to incorporate our three dimensional marker into their putting routine then the product sells itself by the proven results.  We are on pace to sell millions of the Onpoint markers around the World and revolutionize one thing every golfer does….. we all mark our ball on the green.

Backswing: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for your Company?

Briston:   We continue to launch more products and designs into the market.  Everyone loves our ball markers and Onpoint logo.   We are getting requests from our customers for more Onpoint merchandise and other products.   You will see prominent players in all golf sectors using our Onpoint golf markers, towels and wearing our apparel.

However, our primary focus will remain consistent with our initial inspiration:    How do we manufacture a better ball marker?  How can we continue to educate and help the golfers be more successful in their putting routine and lower their score.  Our mission is simple….make more putts and lower your score.

Backswing: Did we miss anything that you’d like to add while we have you?

We have other brand ambassadors that are joining the Onpoint team.   We have top teachers, PGA, LPGA, Champions, European, collegiate players, and amateur players joining our team.  We look forward to an exciting 2022 season and beyond.