What are some ways to work on follow through for your golf swing?

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Most golfers are so concerned with hitting the ball that they often forget to finish their swing and follow through. If you look at any tour pro on TV, you'll often see a perfectly balanced finish at the end of their swing. Think this is a coincidence? If you want to improve your golf swing, then maybe it's time you focus on your follow through - read these tips from our professionals on how to improve your finish.

Help! How do I work on my followthrough?

The answer is 2-piece. 1) understand the mindset it takes to properly follow through. Many people have incorrect thoughts in their heads in the downswing, and fixing that can many times take care of it. 2) You know I always have drills for you! Check out the video to learn more!

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Throw the Bag

Most golfers have a hard time finishing their swing because they’re too worried about hitting the ball and not concerned about getting through the ball. Teach your body first, your swing second, what a full turn is all about. The “throw the Bag” drill is a simple way to teach your body first. Hope you enjoy a great video demonstration of this drill filmed a few years ago.

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Stick the finish

Like Gymnasts who get deductions for not sticking the finish so should golfers. I call it your destination a place to end. Stick the finish!

I had much success teaching with starting golfers to begin in the finish. Place them in a perfect finish then go back and return to the perfect finish. This taught any golfer the destination the place to get to no Matter what . From the perfect finish, swing back into a backswing then go back into the place/position where you started from and hold your place, stick it. Did you? It takes a few swings to flow the movements but it shows the importance of getting all the parts to the end , finish, follow thru or destination.

This focus point of taking all that energy into the Back swing and showing it specifically where to go, “stick the finish”, takes the mind off the ball. Form is important to consistency. Most backswings are repeatable I see so many follow throughs that are not. Challenge: Start in the finish and go back and end where you began. You can hit balls this way preferably in practice, off tee pegs. There will be some OMG’s this way.

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Follow Through is forgotten sometimes

Working on your follow through can help with balance, tempo and timing. Here is a great drill to help bring it all together.

First, simply start in your follow through position. Nice and balanced, fully rotated and club resting on your lead shoulder.

Next swing back to the top of the backswing and then back to the follow through position. When you start at follow through it gives you a feel of where to get back too.

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Nailing your follow through!

The follow through should always be a reaction to the momentum of your swing and how much resistance at impact there is. You won’t follow through the same from deep rough as you will from the fairway or the tee. Assuming you are playing a normal shot, you want your weight on your left foot, your belt buckle to the target and your chest facing left of target. To get the feel of this, try some practice swings were you finish this way. When you can do it with regularity, then try some shots where you don’t worry too much about impact. Instead, see if you can make this move on a regular shot and find the same finish! With some practice, this will become second nature.

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Recoil to fully complete follow through

Many golfers try to hold their finish in the follow through to achieve a completed swing, I did the same as a young golfer. But, as I’ve learned more about the swing and the management of your momentum, I feel that there is a recoil after you reach full follow through. This allows the momentum of your movement to come back to a balanced finish position with your arms in front of your body in a comfortable position. Sometimes holding your finish when its all the way around can be harmful to the back. I suggest letting your arms and club recoil to the front and find your balance in this way.

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Finish The Swing

In my opinion- the follow through isn’t really a move- it is just the dissipation of energy. The main thing to be aware of is that you get at least 80 percent of your weight on the front foot. So a simple drill is to tap your back foot when you finish. Remember hitting the ball isn’t the object hitting the target is. Swing to your target.

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Purpose of Follow Thru

The follow thru is the result of the direction of forces created during the golf swing.

A player needs a predetermined finish position to help control trajectory and distance. A slower swing speed creates a shorter follow thru.

Verticality of follow thru position helps control the shots trajectory.

Select desired position for shot. Rehearse your swing to reach this position. Then allow the force of your swing to create the desired follow-through position.

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Hold that finish...

Hold your finish for 3 seconds that will help complete your follow through…

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Face the Target!

I work on determining what my student’s follow through and finish position are first. I want them to practice getting to that position on balance without hitting shots to get used to it. I really think this is so important because if they do not get to the proper position after impact on balance, then I am suspicious that things were not going well BEFORE impact!!

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The Backswing Fix

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