How much should an amateur golfer spend on golf lessons?

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Prices for golf instruction can vary from instructor to instructor. So how do you know you'll get what you pay for? Use these tips to help you find out how much you should be paying for golf lessons.

Whatever It Takes

There is not simple answer as to how much one should spend on golf lessons and every person and or scenario is different. Many of my students over the years, I am able to solve their issues or get them back on track in a few swings. Many of that group wanted a series of five or ten lessons but the problems could have been solved in ten minutes. Depending on the student, their mind set, skill level and desire each student could come up with a different answer on costs.

Instead of how much to spend, I think it is much more important to first find the right teacher for you and that is not always easy but a very overlooked and important aspect. Once you find the right teacher, then have one lesson and the student and the teacher should agree on a plan for improvement together. At this point the student needs to decide if they are willing to make the changes suggested or not. Too often golfers do not like to get out of their ‘comfort zone’ and make changes that could help them improve.

I like to give all of my students the knowledge to self correct and many can do that well, others want constant eyes on them and reinforcement, so again it depends on the student.

So my answer would be whatever it takes given what the student is willing to put into the plan. For some it could be very little money and for others it could be an ongoing expense.

Mattawang Golf Club
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Do Your Homework!

Do Your Homework!
For this topic has two meanings.

1. Do your research on Golf/Teaching Professionals in your area. We all have a short bio or background information that gives insight into our experience and knowledge of the golf swing. And don’t be afraid to call the Golf Shop and ask the staff for their opinion on specific teachers.

2. After your lesson(s) spend time working on what you’ve learned. If you take a lesson and don’t take the time to practice what the Golf Professional has taught you, during your next lesson it will be a lot of repetitive information.

In the end, spend what you can afford or what you feel comfortable spending. And definitely take more than just one lesson! I promise you, there is a Golf Professional out there for everyone no matter ability or financials.

PGA Golf Pro
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More isn't always better

I think amateurs need to first understand that there isn’t a magic number of lesson one needs to take. They should first create a goal and a timeline in which they wish to complete this goal. Then create a budget on how much they would like to spend on improving their games. Lastly, they need to do some research on instructors in the area that both fit in their budget and can help them reach their goals.

So in short, I don’t think there is an “exact amount” someone needs to spend to improve; however, to get the best bang for their buck, they need to find someone qualified and who meshes well with their personality. Before I work with a new student, I always conduct a quick phone call to make sure we are a good match and that I can help them achieve their goals. If I feel that we aren’t a good fit, I usually recommend one of my other local colleagues who I think would be a better match.

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It’s Discretionary income we’re talking about

Discretionary income we’re talking about… golf lesson is like getting an education and although our colleges these days are so out of priced for what you get in the end. Golf is something that we do for enjoyment and to enjoy it more and always helps to Play Better there are different ways of getting there kind of like driving in an old shit box car or a Lamborghini both will eventually get you to the same spot I think the average person out there right now is willing to spend between 100 and $150 for an hour lesson and with that the teacher has to be qualified.

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A Good Instructor is Worth It

My Title–A good instructor is worth it is correct BUT I don’t think there’s any reason to spend more than $200 an hour. I can’t believe what some of the “big” name folks are charging–I could see $250 or $300 but no more.
And don’t think that just because someone charges a lot or teaches a tour player that they are going to be able to help you.
In reality it doesn’t matter what someone charges. Do your research, talk with other students to get their feedback and select one. You’ll know pretty soon if you’ve made the right decision.

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Expensive doesn't always mean great results !

It is very possible that at a small nine hole muni in the mid west they might have one of the best golf instructors in the country. And the lesson fee is probably not near as much as a professional in a big city. In general everyone is usually trying to say the same thing in a different way. Relating and communicating is what it’s all about while clearly describing ways one’s student can improve.

All that being said a golf professional is as stated , a professional . One who has studied and learned his craft by seminars , literature and experienced others. They should be paid according . I think an hour golf lesson should be at least $75 .according to the pros experience and knowledge.

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Let’s Define a Lesson

Golf is a long term learning sport. The skills necessary and the infinite number of different shots make golf a life time of lessons.
A student needs a long term plan to reach and maintain there goals.

The cost of lesson will depend on where the lessons are taken.

Ask about long term packages as a price break and allows instructor to plan the learning pattern.

PLEASE instruction from non professionals is a hindrance to a learning plan!!!
A new golfer should start with individual instruction then look for clinics that fit skill level needs.

Abacoa Golf Club
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Are you getting a bang for your buck??!!

I’m such a lucky guy that I get to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. My summer job is in a rural area with lower overall golf rates so my lessons run from $60 to $100 overall. My winter job is in a resort area with higher overall golf rates and lessons there are $100 to $200. All that being said, you can pay $20 or $1000 per hour but are you benefiting from the instruction? Are you getting better, do you understand the instruction, do you get along with and enjoy the instructor? These are the key points and if your instructor checks all the boxes, who cares?? You’re getting better and I would pay whatever for that. Enjoy the journey and find your perfect instructor!!

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Has to work for you…

There is a happy medium between getting what you pay for and doing what you can afford. There are many qualified instructors out there. I am bias – PGA Professionals are the experts. However, some of the nation’s top instructors are not PGA. In my opinion, the most crucial thing is to get proper instruction – not just a buddy with a low-ish handicap index. And work with someone you “get” – when you understand what they are expressing, you have the best chance for success.

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You get what you pay for

Lesson fees are well thought out by the professionals. Most of the time you can receive a discount if you take a series of lessons. It’s important to find someone you are comfortable with even if it costs a touch more than expected.

Canyon Springs Golf Course
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What is too much for a Golf lesson???

I think clients need to sit down and figure out a budget just like most other things in there lives. Personally I went to Florida and spent 2 hours with Dr. Rob Neal and that cost me $400. For me it was to learn more as instructor but what I needed to work to improve my swing. But, it depends on the person how he or she wants to improve. No matter what the price is that person has to be commented to put time and effort into it and there is no price for that.

Fox Hollow Golf Club
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The amount spent depends on many factors

In my opinion this question is too vague. The amount spent depends on many factors:

1. Students short term and long term goals.
2. Frequency of students practicing and playing. Time commitment
3. Student budget
4. Current ability level
5. Frequency of private lessons
6. Frequency of on course lessons

Tsai Hsing Golf Academy
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It depends

I charge loyal students less than first lessons
I prioritize my time towards people I coach, who listen, and work hard
I am on call for them as a coach and I think that a professional should adjust fees the same way
Loyalty counts….both ways

South Fork Country Club
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Reaching your golfing goals due to great instruction is priceless

The price put on a Golf Lesson is not so much the monetary cost as it is the value received from the lesson. Reaching your golfing goals due to great instruction is priceless. It’s nearly impossible to put a monetary value on playing great golf for a lifetime!

With that said, however, it is imperative that the student/teacher relationship be very harmonious. Communication needs to be clear and direct.

When that occurs, the price of the lesson is not so important.

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Experience and Goals

Depends on the experience of the instructor and the level of the student ability and their golfing goals.
Should be willing to pay $75 to $150 per lesson.

PGA Golf Professional
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It's not about money...It's about results....

You don’t always get what you pay for…However, if you find a qualified and dedicated teacher…If he or she is good and expensive don’t worry about it…

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“How Much Do You Wish To Improve”

If you wish to get a “tip” and practice a little, 3 lessons for $500 is reasonable.
If you wish to improve immensely, then 10 hrs with a really good coach, and 20 hrs of training should run you $2,500.

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Ability level

It may depend on the student’s skill set. As one improves and their handicap lowers a more experienced instructor is likely needed. $150 per hour area.

The Rookery At Marco
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Lesson Fee

Golf Lesson in NY Metro area range from $100 – $300 per hour. I currently charge $140 per hour.

Rotella Memorial Golf Course
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How much should an amateur pay for a golf for lesson

Whatever the rate is that the Pro charges.

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I like to keep my rates reasonable

I like to keep my rates reasonable so that most anyone can afford it . $40 for one & $100 for a 3 package

Links O'Tryon
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$65-$100 a hour.

$65-$100 a hour.

Briar Leaf Golf Club
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TLDR: A quick summary of what our Backswing professionals have to say on the topic “How Much Should an Amateur Golfer Spend on Golf Lessons?”:

  1. “Consider your commitment level, goals, and budget when deciding how much to spend on golf lessons.”
  2. “Allocate a reasonable portion of your golfing budget for lessons, balancing it with other necessary expenses.”
  3. “Evaluate the qualifications, experience, and reputation of golf teaching professionals to ensure you get quality instruction for your investment.”
  4. “Take advantage of package deals or group lessons, which can offer cost-effective options without compromising the learning experience.”
  5. “Remember that consistent practice and application of lessons are equally important for maximizing the value of your investment.”

Determining the appropriate amount to spend on golf lessons is a personal decision that depends on your goals, budget, and dedication to the game. By considering these factors and seeking quality instruction, you can make a wise investment in improving your golf skills and overall enjoyment of the game.

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