How can mid-to-low handicap golfers increase their swing speed?

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Focus on 3 areas to incrementally increase clubhead speed

Three areas to focus on to help with speed are the following.

1) Strength
2) Flexibility
3) Swing Sequence

Start your journey today to increase speed. Set “SMART” goals. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time.
Like if you currently swing the driver 97mph on a stock swing. Say in 4 months I want my stock driver to be 100 mph so I can attack more par 5s and reach the long par 4s easier.


1)workout before you hit balls if possible
2) make sure equipment is up to date
3) find a trainer or a fitness app to help organize workouts
4) find a pga professional to help you with swing sequence

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Golfs’ new speed and strength trainer

I use a new device that just came out last year called speed/strength trainer. It has multiple benefits and most importantly it increases clubhead speed by improving flexibility and engaging the fast twitch muscle fibers. Scientific studies have revealed that swinging an implement 20% heavier than a normal club, and then switching to 20% lighter improves strength, flexibility and engages the fast twitch muscle fibers to increase clubhead speed. I have seen incredible results in a short period of time with this device. You can use this at home and it also is used to improve virtually every facet of the golf swing and ball striking. We can improve your backswing, forward swing, the path of your swing, or any other number of swing flaws with this device.

I have my students perform what is known as the modified baseball/ golf swing. This form of learning is known as neuromuscular patterning and produces incredible results. The training device can be purchased from my website

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Speed Training Made Simple

Maintaining your swing speed is key as you get older and I would like to make a couple of points. First off keep your swing long as that will generate more swing speed. Secondly, continue to maintain your balance no matter how hard you swing. Swinging any weighted club will be good for speed increases, remember, don’t overdo it but try swinging hard with this but stay in balance. Also throwing yoga balls at walls or floors with both arms is an extending motion and that’s what the golf Swing is, push or throw away from your middle to increase speed. I think these thoughts better serve your driver swing, don’t get too wild hitting the ball off the ground.Good luck in attaining speed and don’t hurt yourself like Harrington has and enjoy the work.

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How to Increase Swing Speed

1. Soften their arms, hands, shoulders and jaw.

2. Make as big of a turn as possible with both hips and chest

3 Stretch the hands as high and away from their head in the backswing

4. Swing feels like you have a ball in your right hand and you’re gonna whip and throw it around your body with as much speed as you can.

Basically make a very dynamic wind up with the arm, stretched high on wind, and let it rip and let the club get thrown through the ball.

Director of Instruction, Berkeley Hall Club
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Finish Fast

When it comes to swing speed, the only place you really need it is in your follow through. Most amateur golfers decelerate and the resulting shot is a chunk, a push or a wild slice. Try this: take a practice swing and “swoosh the shaft,” as you finish. Make the shaft sound LOUD, as you follow through! Then, when you are ready to hit your shot, swing aggressively, through your finish. Swing through with conviction! Swing speed should feel natural, not forced.

Remember to use soft grip pressure and turn your hips and shoulders in sequence. But ultimately, focus on a fast finish!

The Country Club of Virginia
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Posture Change = 20 Yard Increase

This short video shows how posture impacts shoulder rotation, clubhead speed and distance. Wright Balance research shows that this posture set changes by Core Strength. If your Core Strength resides in the Upper Body, this video is for you. This particular video demonstrates how a person who swings with their Upper Body (Arms and Hands) sets their posture for maximum shoulder rotation, clubhead speed and distance. Wright Balance research and measurements using a Smart 2 Move Balance and Ground Reaction Force system shows that 60 percent plus of men use an arms and hands swing similar to Patrick Reed, Phil Michelson and Colin Montgomerie. Very few women use their upper body as their Core Strength resides in their middle and lower core. Others attempting this process would create an open or closed hip line if they set their posture as shown in this video.

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Light and Heavy Works

I am not a trainer but as an instructor, I warn players to be cautious about training to increase clubhead speed at the expense of great technique and rhythm/tempo. Club head and ball speed is something one can get obsessed with and lose their swing. My experience with swinging a heavy club or swinging light clubs fast both seem to have benefits.

Here’s my recommendations.

1. Look for gradual increases and be patient.

2. Seek expert advice (especially low/scratch players that compete) and be ready to pay for it.

3. Beware of social media.

4. Make flexibility and injury prevention your first priority. As players on tour/in college are hitting the ball so far it seems that more injuries are also occurring. You probably don’t want to risk injury or new chronic injuries to your golf or life.

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SuperSpeed Golf

As a Certified Personal Coach, want to add 20 yards to your drive. The SuperSpeed Golf Training system increases ball and club speed the right way. In my Academy 90% of all students use this system.

Matt Stotler Golf
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Swing Slower and Speed Training

I heard Raymond Floyd at an exhibition say when he wanted to hit it farther he swung slower. This allowed him to make a bigger turn. When trying to add speed you typically will swing faster which will tighten muscles up, shorten the swing and throw off the timing.

There are several good speed training aids on the market today. Driver length shafts of different weight with no club head on them. They are really good at helping increase speed by following their program.

Fitness training helps too. Leg and core workouts and proper stretching.

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Speed Trainers on the rise

Two of my favorite trainers right now are Super Speed Golf and the Stack System. They can explain their process much better than I but both are definitely worth a look!

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Who doesn’t like speed, there are things like SPEED Stick system and golfforeverprogram they are all great and I have tried them. But at times I will swing an Alignment stick or taking a 7 or 6 iron and swing them upside down. Actually learn the from Mike Bender, but you also need to get your body in a little shape and a bit flexible.

Fox Hollow Golf Club
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TLDR: What our Backswing professionals have to say on the topic “Increase Swing Speed”:

  1. “Focus on developing a strong and stable lower body to generate power and transfer it efficiently to the swing.”
  2. “Implement resistance training exercises to build overall strength and enhance your ability to generate clubhead speed.”
  3. “Work on improving flexibility and mobility through stretching exercises and targeted movements to optimize your range of motion.”
  4. “Develop proper sequencing and timing in your swing to maximize energy transfer from your body to the club.”
  5. “Utilize swing speed training aids such as weighted clubs or speed sticks to enhance your swing velocity.”
  6. “Maintain good balance and tempo throughout your swing, avoiding excessive tension or rushed movements.”

Increasing swing speed requires a combination of factors, including building strength, optimizing flexibility, refining technique, and using appropriate training aids. By focusing on these elements and maintaining a balanced and smooth swing, you can enhance your swing speed and overall performance on the golf course.

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