As temperatures drop, what indoor drills would you suggest to keep your edge?

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As the chill of winter sets in, we often find ourselves searching for ways to maintain our skills away from the green. So we've gathered suggestions from our golf pros at Backswing to share their expertise on effective indoor drills. Their recommendations aim to help golfers of all levels keep their edge sharp, ensuring they're ready to hit the course with confidence once the weather warms up.

Get in Shape

The off-season is the absolute BEST time to condition your body for golf. Hire a golf certified fitness trainer and get in shape for the game you love! The keys you should focus on with your own personal golf fitness are strength training, stretching, and cardiovascular endurance. Don’t go it, alone! Find a trainer in your area and get fit for golf during the cold winter months. If you are interested in learning more about golf specific stretching, I have published a book on the topic. So send me an email!

The Country Club of Virginia
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Alignment Stick practice

Even though this video is on the range the drills would be excellent indoor practice this winter!

PGA Golf Professional
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Find the Center of Your Club Face

Winter indoors is a perfect time to find the center of your club face. While working indoors, work, half-swings to groove a rhythm and tempo that allows the ball to hit the center of the face. As well as learn to square the face more consistently with less effort. A great way to do this is half-swings. Whether indoors or out, this is the drill that will always get you back to great ball striking.

John Hughes Golf
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Swing like you are on a Swing set

Take any golf club or an Orange Whip and find enough space indoors to make full length swings, back and forth in repetition. This is just like a child on a swing, that continues the motion efficiently and in balance. By repeating this motion, you are learning to most efficiently swing the golf club without any ‘hitch’ or controlling actions. By doing this all winter, you will develop a much more consistent swing and be utilizing your body and footwork much more effectively. When Spring arrives, work on your Set-up (posture, ball position, balance) and allow the swing you have been developing all winter to produce the powerful and accurate shots you have been dreaming about!

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Body drills

As the weather cool down and players become limited to indoor activities, it is a good time to practice your body motion. Check out the link below to learn how to practice your tilting and turning during the off season.

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Indoor Swings

When it becomes too cold to play golf outside, I would recommend these three options:

1. Swing a weighted/heavy club. Make about 20-30 swings each day working on technique and tempo.
2. Stretch those golf muscles and even consider taking yoga classes to keep you golf ready.
3. Indoor simulators and places like Drive Shack or Top Golf make it easier get in actual swings, take advantage if you can.

PGA Golf Pro
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Maintain Things

So what can help us especially in the Northeast and Midwest. Try to get your body correct especially getting more Flexible and a bit stronger. Work on Posture in front of a Mirror. Get alignment rods(3 of them) work on take away. Last get a piece of wood or water bottle against the wall and work on impact(the moment of Truth). If you live near a indoor facility get on a Simulator to track things. Happy Holiday’s you and if you need lessons over the winter come to Golf Galaxy of East Hanover, NJ

Fox Hollow Golf Club
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Winter is the time to make changes!

The winter/off season for most is the best time to make real changes to the golf swing. Really target what you want to improve on and get after it. Speed training is a great way to spend some time when you are indoors, assuming you have an area big enough to take a full swing. Always work on rotation!

Canyon Springs Golf Course
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Don't forget your short game!

I m certain there will be many responses regarding the popularity of simulators and I am 100% for them as long as you can see where the ball goes. But many golfers will get “stuck” thinking they can only practice full swings in winter. Work on your wedge game and putting during this time to improve. You don’t really need anything special except your putter and a ball to work on getting better from 2-6 feet!!!!

Arsenal Island Golf Course
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The GolfForever swing trainer and App will turn the off season into training season. You will be so ready for next year with 20-30 minutes per day using this wonderful device and training program.

There is a good reason why tour pros use this tool!

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Well putt indoor training mat

The Well putt matt is my favorite indoor putting matt. You can get different lengths and speeds. Also it has markings to help with alignment, length of stroke and visualization for your eye line.
They are around $100 and well putt also has several other tools I used that can help with stroke shape and more.

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Putting and chipping

Putting and chipping in a room with a putting green carpet and chipping mats outside the room where you can hit chips from a real chipping mat through the open doorways into to the rooms.

Executive Director Brooklyn Golf Alliance
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