How to add some backspin to your chip shots

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Wouldn’t it be nice to make your golf ball stop on command when around the green? Well, that’s just about impossible - so the next best thing is learning how to add just a little more spin to those greenside shots.

Best way to get spin on chip shots

Every shot that you hit has spin on it (well struck shots have backspin and poorly struck shots may have forward spin) but they all have some kind of spin. In order to get more backspin for stopping power, here are the three things you’ll need. A clean face, good clean contact on the ball and finally a premium golf ball.

First is a clean clubface that is not worn out… The reason you need a clean clubface is so you can get the friction from the clubface to impart spin to the shot. The grooves do not impart spin on the ball, they only move water away from the face so the it can make contact with the ball.

Second is clean contact onto the ball… If you bounce into the ball or don’t get the leading edge or bounce (depending on the type of shot desired) of the club to where the bottom of the ball is on the ground, you won’t have a solid shot and spin can be lost.
Last is a premium golf ball… A premium golf ball will impart the most spin because the elastomer cover is softer and allows it to happen more easily. Harder, more durable surlyn covers won’t impart as much spin as the premium ball so you may have to think about buying a new ball to help with this part of it.

The reason that better golfers can get more stopping power on the ball as opposed to a high handicapper is the consistency of their contact and they use premium balls. When the higher handicapper makes good contact but can’t seem to get the ball to stop look at your clubface and your golf ball. It just may lead to lower scores!!!

Good Luck!!!

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I get this one a lot and my common answer is you need to learn how to swing down on the ball. The goal is to have proper ball then turf contact. The problem is with many players they tend to flip the club at the ball or try and lift the ball up in the air. Neither one of these techniques is going to put backspin on the ball.

Set up with your weight primarily on your lead foot, and pretty much leave it in that position. There really isn’t much weight shift in this shot.

In the beginning play the ball back in you stance, closer to your trail foot. Make practice swings seeing the club bottom out on the target side of the ball. If doing properly your club should be traveling on a downward angle.
Play the shot with a lofted club, sand wedge or lob wedge would be preferred. By swinging down the grooves of your wedge can dig in on the ball and help produce some back spin.

Here are couple of things that can also help;
-Make sure that the grooves on your wedges are clean.
-If your wedges are real old, that probably means your grooves are pretty dull.
-Golf balls with softer covers (urethane) usually do much better. The grooves in your wedges grab the softer cover and help to produce more backspin.

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Set up correctly to spin the ball on short shots.

To put a little spin on the ball around the green you must first understand that you have to strike the ball at the bottom of the downswing. To do this requires a good set-up. Start with a narrow stance and position the ball a little back of the center in the stance. Lean the shaft toward the target and when doing so feel your weight slightly on the forward foot. You don’t need a lot of wrist action so take a firm grip and clip the grass on your practice swing. It takes commitment and trust when you go to hit the ball so just remember what the practice swing felt like and repeat it. The commitment and trust aspect cannot be overstated. Now, go practice.

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3 things to spin the ball

1. Clean club with sharp edges
2. A ball with a softer cover
3. A firm surface to hit off, it is hard to spin a ball out of the rough.

Use a lofted club like a 56 or a 60 degree wedge. Play the ball very close to the back foot with the club face slightly open. Have your weight on the front foot. Take the club back slowly and steeply and accelerate into the ball with a very low short finish. This will put spin on the ball not allowing it to run out. This is more of a high risk shot so should be practiced frequently before trying in a round.

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Nose over your front toe.

Increasing spin on a chipshot requires a couple of very simple things. First it helps to play with a softer golf ball and a sandwedge that is less than 30 years old. Professional golfers typically change out their wedges every three months, the average golfer changes his wedges out every century. From a technique standpoint ensure that your nose is over your Front foot this will ensure a descending angle of attack and nice spin.

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Friction is the key

Long story short friction is how we get a ball to spin on the green. You can increase friction by adding speed and not letting (water, grass or dirt) get in the way. You do this by having clean grooves and newer grooves. The technique to add spin is setting up fairly neutral hitting a shot with more speed than normal that goes shorter ( more loft or cut feel). Follow these steps and experiment around the practice green to improve.

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Keep it simple

Pitch and run is a stroke of brushing the grass, Stop and little forward motion or even backspin is the same motion. The arc becomes more abrupt on the takeaway and more of a punch and hold on the down swing.Light grip , as in putting, gives you feel, but see your spot where you want to land. Depending on contour will it promote backspin or just slow the progression down hill. The club NEVER gets in front of your hands !

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Spin to Win.........

Open up your 56 degree wedge and hit it off the toe of the club hitting across the ball…

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3 steps for “Spinny Chips”

1) Use a premium soft ball like a prov, chrome soft or tp5
2) minimize grass between clubface and ball at impact. Practice from fairway or 1st cut.
3) let your chest and hips rotate thru impact slightly to help keep the heel of the club moving. So have a slight “pivot” and keep clubface working open.

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Favorable Condition's that create backspin

The conditions that increase backspin on chip shots are 1clean sharp groves 2 golf ball with spin capability3 closely mowed tight turf 4high loft club 5delivering club face at sharply descending angle6 forward leaning shaft7 club accelerating thru impact
By assessing these condition the player can judge the amount of backspin the shot will create .

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