The favorite golf sayings of golf professionals

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Golf has so many great (or funny) sayings, such as "Drive for show, putt for dough" or  "Let the big dog eat."  We asked our golf pros for some of their favorites to use on the course or to help with someone's swing.


Stand on the big Ball – Hit the Little ball (balance )

Golf is the easiest game ever invented – Its only hard if you want to be good

Swing easy and enjoy the extra distance!

The club weighs less then a pound – you weigh (???)- think of the club as a Feather not a Sledge Hammer

If you don’t take time to do it right – you will get to do it over

On the scorecard only a number- no room for explanations !

Abacoa Golf Club

Favorite golfer sayings

A few of my favorite golfer sayings are:
“I’m hitting it farther than most people go on vacation”
“That ball landed on the green like a butterfly with sore feet”
“Your swing is so smooth it’s like liquid”
When a golfer in your group says on the green, “Good roll”, the best reply I’ve ever heard was, “You get good rolls in a bakery”

Hope everyone enjoys!

Oneputt Productions, Inc
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Drives for show putts for eagles...

These are the smartass versions…

Drives for show putts for eagles…
It might be crooked but it’s short
Maybe if you took the head cover off.
You know you are short off the tee when you can hear your drive land.
I think you are standing too close to your ball…After you tee off!

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You're Still Away

“You’re Still Away”.

Nothing quite sums up one players’ joy versus the frustration of the opponent, and it’s widely accepted!

Lebanon Country Club
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Golf on a windy day

When it’s breezy, swing easy!

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Shorter hitters

“Never belittle a ball in the middle”

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Grip it and Rip it!

We all get into our heads too much, regardless if its on the practice range or the golf course. I used to fall victim to overthinking while standing over the ball and the outcome was usually not what I intended. So I started saying a simple phrase to myself after I take my practice swing and step up to the ball, “Grip it and Rip it!” It’s made a positive impact on the way I approach shots and it doesn’t leave room for any negative thoughts when addressing the ball or during my swing.

PGA Golf Professional
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Golf Sayings

Trees are 90% air!
You are standing too close to your ball…after you hit it!

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Golf is for Fun!!!!

Here are a few that I use frequently in my instructional sessions, especially in group classes. It is likely I’ve heard them somewhere in the past, but some I came up with in the moment to help a student. Bob Toski had some great ones to help instruct and entertain his students.
“The game of golf requires patience and a sense of humor.”
Some of these quips are specifically meant to support and drive home a point, and others to keep it fun and light, while still effectively bringing awareness to a subject.

First of all, I want to thank the recent Open Champ Cameron Smith for confirming my belief and first “olde saying”….. “ he who makes the putts, gets all the dough!!!

“Chip and putt with dough”. ……For my juniors,(I give them each $2 to keep in their armpits to learn the benefits of ”connection in the short game”
“If you Hit it in lake .. hit it in deep” Meaning…. Let it fly!!!
“Hit your mall bucket on the range or on the first two holes …….. Translation.. Warm up before you play!
“Not bad if you don’t care what you shoot!” …Friendly insult
“Not bad if you don’t care where it goes!”….Friendly insult also
“95 % of the putts that come up short , don’t go in”…. Yogi Berra
“You are always lined up perfectly…… at something”……. My reminder to students on importance of a good set up!
“You can get good rolls in a bakery.”. “Walt Zembriski PGA.. He would always be pissed if he missed a putt and some one said to him ”Nice Roll”
Back to the “salt mine” (work) when you have to get back to work after 9 holes.

“Full Flaps,” ….. “Hit a House …….“whoa nellie”, ….”nothing rolls like a ball,”…… “Juuuusst a bit outside”…… Bob Ueker reference , ……all for when when a player misses by a mile, or blows one way past the hole.

My all time favorites are from the Three Stooges: An Italian imagrant greens keeper comes up to Curly and shouts “ Chop-a chop- a chop… who you think -a -you are? George – a -Wash “ Later after chunking 100 fat shots in a row. Moe says” See , I’m getting better, the pieces are getting smaller!” Please watch Three Little Beers, the 27 minute Three Stooges movie, and you will all understand the game better! It is the film that inspired myself and all of my friends to get involved in the game!!!

The Game is for fun!

Its late, have fun out there!!!!There are a million more. Make up some of your own.

Olde School Golf School
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Lesson are not to take the place of practice...

Harvey Pinick : “Lessons are not to take the place for practice”…..Drive for show, Putt for dough: You need to do both!!!

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Favorite sayings

“Swing hard in case you hit it!

Swing easy when it is breezy

PGA Golf Professional
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Who Said That?

When you and your golf partners have a light hearted sense of humor, you will play better golf, for sure! I love it when you hit a good shot and someone says, “you got all o’dat one!” Or when you hit a fat one and you hear, “LAY SOD!!!” How about when you get a good kick, back in play, and someone says, “well, you got that going for you, which is nice!” But mostly, when people ask how much we’re going to play for, I say, “I don’t play golf… for money… against people!”

The Country Club of Virginia
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Golf Quips

USGA U Suck Go Again after a poor shot

“Take the putter cover off” after someone leaves a putt short

“Swing over a pickett fence” Don’t let your lower body move in toward the ball on the downswing

“Ring the bell” Your hands should drop straight down at the top of your back swing

Big Sticks Golf
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I believe Jack Nicklaus once said… “I have never missed a putt in my life… they just didn’t all go in”

I think it is a great quote to describe the importance of commitment to the shot and self respect.

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My go to…

Practice is for practice, warm-up is just that – so my saying on tournament day after hitting a few to get loose:

“If I didn’t bring it, I’m not going to find it now!”

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Hold it tight ball goes right!

Students often hold the club wayyyyyy too tight. This could be due to old, slick grips, a poor grip, not changing your grips regularly. If you hold it tight you inhibit rotation of the face on the downswing.

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sayings on golf course

Let the Big Dog Eat. Mr. Scholarship Winner

Fox Hollow Golf Club
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The Backswing Fix

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