What are good drills to help get your eyes over the ball when putting?

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Putting with your eyes over the golf ball is often one of the best ways to "see" the line that you want your ball to take. However, it's not always the most easy thing to accomplish. Read what our golf professionals have to say about how to improve your putting and get your eyes over the ball.

Count to 2

Getting the eyes over the ball is one thing. Keeping them there is another. Moving your eyes as you putt, and in turn your head, can later the path and face of the putter at impact. Causing errant putts. The count to 2 drill is easy to execute and remember.

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If that’s what you want here is the link to Eyeline Golf. They have a few different putting mirrors and sizes that fits your need. And I’m not a paid professional. I’m just a huge fan. Don’t get hung up on that method. There are different putting styles. The best one for you is the one that makes putts. Just make sure that you do the same thing over and over. Find your stroke that makes the most putts and stick with that! Good luck and play well!!

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Where are your eyes when putting?

This is always a great topic as most players are confused with where to have their eyes. I have done both and have found that the eyes should be just inside of your target line. It allows you to swing the putter on a better pendulum path and will help you to keep your head steady. Putting is such an important part of your game that this tip along with keeping your body still will help you tremendously.
Good luck and enjoy the practice!! As with any golf questions please follow up with a PGA Golf Professional

Rob Elliott Golf Academy
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The critical things are the correct read and perfect speed

There is “no right way” to do in putting. There’s no perfect putter no perfect way to putt!

It’s not the style or the putter. The critical things are the correct read and perfect speed. If you have those two things you will make allot of putts, the ball does not care how you do it . The fun part of putting and golf is putting is something everyone can do. You can also make huge gains in reducing your putting by experimenting with it, trying new things or staying with what you do already and having infinite patience. Getting eyes over the ball is not what the best putters have done over the many years, eyes inside the ball is most used, it’s more comfortable, you can also see the line more easily from farther away due to your head not having to tip and tilt too much. The best thing to do try standing very close eyes directly over the ball first, then start gradually moving farther away from the ball until you feel comfortable for you. Then stay there, focus on sending the ball along the line you chose at the right speed!
“ I stroke the ball at the right speed to go in that’s all I think of” Bob Charles one of the best putter in the world.

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Head to the Wall

This drill is good for some indoor practice when the weather isn’t great or you don’t have a putting green at your disposal. Step up to a wall and take your putting stance, putting the toe of your putter against the wall. Move close enough so your head also touches the wall. Take small strokes back and forth, keeping the putter against the wall. This ensures stability while keeping your eyes fixed over the ball.

PGA Golf Professional
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Eyes over ball

A good simple drill for this is to get into you putting stance with a ball in its playing position.

Get another ball and drop it from the bridge of your nose. When the ball drops it should fall just to the
inside of your target line.

If you are going to error it should be more to the inside of your target line, but definitely not outside of your target line.

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Nicklaus and Twitty did it even better

Most good putters have eyes over the ball (or a little inside). Nicklaus and Twitty did it even better; they positioned the head so that the neck and back of the head were parallel to the ground. Their eyes were not only over the ball,but also at 90 degrees to the ground. This sights in the line even better. No coincidence they were not good putters; they were great putters.

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Putting: Eyes over the Ball?

Actually, there isn’t any law of golf technique that says the eyes must be over the ball when putting If you are a good putter and your eyes aren’t over the ball, you don’t have to change. That said, eyes over the ball normally makes it easier to accurately aim the putter. Why? For the same reason that one would sight a rifle straight down the barrel rather than off to the side. So, if you want to check your eye position, just freeze in your address position. Then, holding onto the very top of the grip at your eye, let the putter hang straight down. That will tell you where you need to reposition your head to get the eyes over the ball.

Moses Lake Golf Club
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Putt With Comfort

Concerning having your eyes directly over the line of your putt, is that a good thing? I think not, being too close to your line takes away all arc in your stroke and really is quite uncomfortable. Being a little inside the line allows the club to flow in an opening and closing arc which is very important with a heel shafted putter. If your putter is face balanced your arc could be less but I want there to be wrist action in your stroke and that alone will create arc. Find the right length putter, feel your eyeline slightly inside the ball line and roll that ball in the hole. Putting is all about confidence and whatever stroke creates that for you is right for you the player. Enjoy the search and arc that stroke!!

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Matchup your eye alignment to your putting stroke shape

Arc stroke- eyes more inside
Straight back- straight thru ( more over the target line)

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Eye on the prize...

Yes, an eye on the ball and an eye on the hole…Putting is 51% luck!

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Keep inside of ball

Better to keep inside of ball a bit.

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TLDR: A quick summary of what our Backswing professionals have to say on the topic “What Are Good Drills to Help Get Your Eyes Over the Ball When Putting?”:

  1. “Practice the ‘String Line Drill’ by hanging a string or alignment stick between two objects to ensure proper eye position over the ball.”
  2. “Utilize the ‘Coin Drill’ by placing a coin or ball marker on the green and aligning your eyes directly above it during your putting stroke.”
  3. “Try the ‘Gate Drill’ by setting up two alignment rods or tees to create a narrow gate around the ball, encouraging you to focus on a centered stroke with eyes over the ball.”
  4. “Experiment with the ‘Mirror Drill’ using a mirror positioned behind the ball to visually check your eye alignment and maintain consistent posture.”

Incorporating these drills into your putting practice routine can help improve your eye alignment and positioning over the ball. By developing a consistent setup and maintaining proper eye focus, you can enhance your putting accuracy and overall performance on the green.

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