What is it about Brooks Koepka that makes him so dominant in the majors recently?

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Koepka seems to be either winning or in contention at every major for past few years. What is it about this guy that makes him rise to the occasion of major golf tournament pressure?

... the work he's doing between his ears.

Brooks recent success could be attributed to a number of things. The obvious reasons would be his physical conditioning paired with a ridiculous amount of club head speed as well as an up tick in ball striking statistics. However, Brooks capacity to perform on the biggest stages is almost entirely due to the work he’s doing between his ears. We have all heard the saying “Golf is a mental game”… We get it. But what stands out to me about Brooks more than his ability to “golf his ball” is his relentless command and control of his emotions. He doesn’t get too high, and he doesn’t get too low. He makes a point to focus on the task at hand regardless of circumstance and I can assure you, when that task is closing out your round on Sunday at a major championship, you would be hard pressed not to let your thoughts get away from you. In my opinion Brooks number one weapon is not his driver… its his head. His ability to detach himself from the results or outcome and focus on playing the game are what make him great. its what made every great player great. He may not be as outwardly fiery as a lot of players on tour, but his flat-line rhythm is what is going to set him apart for years to come.

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Mental Toughness

What makes Brooks so dominant in majors, besides talent, is his mental toughness. He said in an interview before the PGA Championship that the field is made up of the top golfers in the world and that half of them will not play well and miss the cut. That leaves the other half of the field and he knows he is better than they are. He is so confident that he can go up against any golfer and win. We have not seen mental toughness plus talent like this since 2000’s Tiger Woods. He is holder of two consecutive US Opens and PGA Championship. When other golfers might second guess their game or shots during a major, Brook’s is pushing the pedal to the floor board and fully confident in his game.

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Today’s majors are all set for bombers.

As former Tournament Director for Metropolitan N.Y. PGA, I have set up many courses for Championship play. Today’s majors are all set for bombers. You still have to perform, but Luke Donald’s of the world can play their best and have little chance at Bethpage or same. Majors are set up for that way. Occasionally we will have a Pebble or an Open rota that will require more precision than length.

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His commitment to be mentally wiser and tougher than his competitors.

Brooks’ physical ability and skill are among the greatest this game has seen but the domination when it comes to recent Major Championships stems from his commitment to be mentally wiser and tougher than his competitors. Brooks appears unflappable whether he is executing to his liking or if he is having an off day. This consistent mindset allows him to remain calm and confident on the biggest stages when the stakes are the highest. Brooks has accomplished something we haven’t seen since Tiger Mania, a few stroke lead before he even touches the first tee. Pebble should be fun!

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Confidence in his abilities

Brooks Koepka’s confidence in his abilities stands out to me. Sure he hits it far and has great talents in every aspect of the game, but it is his belief in himself that makes him a contender in all the majors.

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Prepared mind

Chance favors the prepared mind. He knows he’s ready to win.

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Brooks is basically the Terminator

Brooks is basically the Terminator— he has the most confidence in majors — he combines power — with strategic game plan and a will to win and prove that he doesn’t care about recognition— world ranking. He only cares about conquering all that contend. However it’s not the other payers — he just wants to go as low as possible. Beat the golf course and everything else falls into place. Add in that he makes pressure putts and guess what —- you have a guy who has won back to back Majors. Twice. There is no stopping this guy he is a warrior !!!

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Confidence that truly shows he understands his game

Having learned more about Brooks and his golf journey, I do not believe his magic has happened overnight. He took a direct route to international play to work on his game without the pressure of US media and with the understanding that his journey was going to be different than a few other players of his golf “class” from college. He exhibits quiet confidence that truly shows he understands his game, the significance of the moment, and his emotions. His ability to connect his body/mind/swing (I call this Functions Dictates Form), is an example of him understanding that golf is a sport and he trains like an athlete to compete at the highest levels. In big moments, great athletes rise to the occasion!

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Confidence and the ability to execute

It’s simple confidence and the ability to execute. He’s looking for a good result “shot” vs getting knotted up in fear of a bad result (shot)

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Consistency with his mental and physical game

What makes brooks so good is his consistency with his mental and physical game.

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Talent, mental game, and his physical stature

Brooks is obviously one of the best players in the world. What makes him stand out in the majors is his combination of talent, mental game, and his physical stature. He is stronger than most so he can over power difficult courses. Plus winning his first gave him more confidence. A couple bad shots or holes doesn’t bother him. His mind is like Jack’s and that’s tough to beat.

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