What is your favorite full swing training aid?

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Training aids can be fun. And addictive. As a golfer always looking to improve, finding the right one can make your practice much more productive and enjoyable. Check out these recommendations on full swing training aids.

The Alignment Stick

The most versatile and under appreciated swing aid any golfer can implement is the alignment stick. It fits in the bag easily, its lightweight, and can assist with more than just your alignment. There are probably over 100 uses for the alignment stick, other than laying on the ground. Using your creativity, the alignment stick could be the best investment in equipment any golfer can place in their bag.

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The Most Versatile Training Aid: The Towel

A towel can the be the most versatile training aid in any golfer’s arsenal. A towel can quickly increase club head speed, improve touch on the putting green, or even promote crisp chip shots around the fringe. During your next practice session try these tips with a towel:

1. When you’re on the driving range, place a towel between your lead bicep and your pectoral muscle. Keep it pinched throughout the golf shot. This arm/body connection easily increases club head speed for further drives and longer iron shots.

2. As you chip around the practice green, place an unfolded towel an inch behind your golf ball. When you chip, make sure to miss your towel. This will promote a perfect chip, and you will stop hitting the dreadful “fat” chip shot.

3. The next time you practice putting, grab three rolled up towels. Place the first one eight yards away, the second ten yards away, and the third twelve yards away. Try and hit ten golf balls between each towel. This will help you master your speed control on the greens.

For more tips and videos, please visit www.SwingEssentials.com . Download our Golf App and get your free virtual lesson today! Have fun on the Golf Course.

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Tour Striker Smart Ball

My favorite full swing training aid is the “Tour Striker Smart Ball”. This training aid is great for both the backswing and downswing. I believe it promotes great fundamentals and can be used while hitting golf balls. The smart ball is travel friendly and can easily be placed in ones golf bag.

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The Orange Whip Trainer

The Orange Whip Trainer is the best instrument to use in golf swing training, today. It is a great golf swing training aid designed to help train the tempo of your golf swing. Think tempo, feel tempo, I always say! Every golfer should strive to have perfect golf swing tempo! Swings like Ernie Els’s and Freddie Couples’s are graceful and inspiring. These gentlemen and so many of the tour pros make golf look easy, right?! That’s because their swings have perfect tempo.You should train your tempo with the Orange Whip Trainer. Swinging it just five minutes a day, before you tee off and also on the days you don’t get to play is great tempo training.

Plus, it’s an excellent fitness tool, as it works your core golf muscles and gives you a mini-cardio workout when you use it daily.

I highly recommend this training aid to all my students and have been endorsing it for more than ten years! Get yours today at: www.orangewhiptrainer.com and receive a discount when you use promo code: Adam Smith.

The Country Club of Virginia
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A simple tee drill that helps with contact.

My favorite Swing Aid is a simple tee drill that helps with contact. This swing aid will help you take a proper divot. Set the two tees up creating your imaginary line. Take some full swings and see if you can consistently make your initial contact on the line. If you hit before the line you with get a “chunked shot”. If you hit too far after the line you will be “topping the ball”. Hit on the line and you will see much better ball contact results

Canyon Crest Country Club
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The Swingyde

My favorite full swing training aid is the Swingyde. I don’t think it’s easy to skip the learning curve in golf but this is as close as you will get! This training aid provides amazing feedback relative to how your hands and wrists should work while keeping the club face square throughout the entire swing both back and through. I’ve had amazing success using this with players of all ability levels! It’s an immediate way to create leverage and speed in your golf swing!

Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf
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A "Driveway Marker" Stick

Half the time I visit Lowe’s it’s to buy something for my home. The other half of the time… it’s to buy something for training golfers.

That said, the single best item is a $2.99 “driveway marker” stick. Orange or yellow, most often, and sometimes with a metal cap and/or reflective tape, these are found in several aisles but often near the mailboxes. 🙂

Alignment sticks can be used to do so much, including acting as an alignment aid when you are practicing every time. The single best drill for many may be to put the alignment stick in the ground, in front of you, on the target line, angled at about the same angle as the shaft plane. Forcing players to swing OVER the stick will often cure them of swinging left, producing pulls and slices.

That said there are a LOT of other uses for an alignment stick. Or a driveway marker.

PGA Professional
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A mirror

A mirror. Since all you are trying to do is change the way and sequence your body moves. Seeing what you are doing rather than just trying to feel it is important. A lot of reps at home without a ball and in some cases without a club can be very helpful.

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The Swing Whistle

My favorite full swing training aid is a simple and cheap device that gives great feedback. It’s called the swing whistle and most anyone can buy one. It’s a small device that attaches to the shaft of your golf club and makes a whistling noise when you release the club in the downswing. It tells you if you’re releasing the club too early or too late based on where it whistles and also based on how loud the whistle is it also tells you how much club head speed you’re creating as well. It’s a great, yet simple device (especially for beginners) to learn how to swing efficiently as the release point and consistent acceleration of the club can be common problems for those starting out, to get right. I would recommend it for anyone that’s new to the game or who has problems casting the club or creating consistent club head speed.

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The Impact Bag

My favorite full swing training aide is the impact bag from GolfTrainingAids.com founder Gary Wiren. It has unlimited uses—more than just impact. I often use it for a variety of drills with my student: path, face angle, and movement of the body.

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The Connection Strap

My favorite full swing training aid would be the Connection Strap invented by Jimmy Ballard. The poor man’s version of it would be to put a small towel, glove of head cover under the upper part of the Lead Arm. The goal is to keep the object in place. This training aid has been used for decades and many players still use it today as I believe that Connection is the master fundamental to the golf swing.

PGA Golf Pro
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Medicus & Swing/Alignment sticks

Medicus for tempo
Swing sticks or alignment sticks for speed

Monarch Country Club
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The Orange Whip Swing Trainer

Develop a sound swing with the Orange Whip Swing Trainer. Designed for men, women, seniors, and teens, this trainer works to develop core fitness, flexibility, and swing plane. The Orange Whip Swing Trainer acts as the perfect swing training aid, or as a pre-round warm up to loosen muscles.

Royal Oaks Country Club
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The Power Package

The Power Package…there is a reason why so many on tour are using it!

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The Smash Bag

I love the “smash bag”. Especially working with juniors, they love to slam the bag with all their might. It is loud and gets everybody’s attention. The “smash bag” is also great for learning the impact position and learning how generate power.

Indian Wells Golf Resort
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Orange Whip Products

The best by far are the orange whip products. Orange Whip Trainer, Lightspeed and the Orange Peel. With the Golf Fitness exercise program.

Westerville Golf Center
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The Impact Bag

Not a big fan of training aids…I’m more old school: beat balls!…However, if I were to pick one: The Impact Bag…It builds strength in the impact area…It teaches the student to return the club to the address position…All the others are distractions and gimmicks!

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The Right Angle

My favorite full swing training aid is the Right Angle. Does not allow your right arm to over fold in the backswing keeping the left arm long until impact. Great tool, feels like you are making half a swing when it’s on but just really keeping the width in the swing for the player be they left or right handed. We have sold hundreds, give it a try!!

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A Pool Noodle and Alignment Stick

My favorite training for full swing is a pool noodle and alignment stick. You can use these aids for a variety of ways but my favorite is to use them for building a practice station. You can tailor it for many different issues and the fix for them.

Nick Duffy Golf
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The Orange Whip

While there are multiple effective full swing training aids, I like the orange whip. The orange whip provides a feeling of lag for both the backswing and forward swing as well as an awareness of the timing and rhythm necessary for a proper full swing.

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The Medicus

My favorite full swing aid is the Medicus. It certainly helps create the proper face angle at the top of the backswing. It is also a great tempo trainer.

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Dr. Scholls Foot Spray

Dr. Scholls Foot Spray. Paint it on your club face work on making center contact.

Semiahmoo Golf & Country Club
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A Heavy or Weighted Club

Simply a heavy or weighted club . One you can even hit balls with.

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A Medicine Ball

Throwing a medicine ball works the correct muscles in the golf swing and also keeps the arms in front of the body with nice width.

Jim Mclean Golf School
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The Orange Whip

My most used full swing training aid has to be the Orange Whip. This tool is great for loosening students up previous to lessons or practice. It greatly helps students feel what a smooth, synced tempo feels like. This is my favorite tool for a player that has an out of control, too fast swing tempo or a too quick transition from the backswing to the downswing.

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