What's your favorite golf app? How does it help?

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Love using technology while out on the golf course? Want to find an app to improve your swing? Our contributors tell us what their favorite golf app is and how it can help your game.

3 apps. on all my devices.

1 – V1 Golf – this is my instructional app which I will use with all my students. My students will download the home version of this app and share their swings with me at anytime. I’ll respond with a short analysis and all students of mine receive video analysis and follow up after each of my lessons.

2 – USGA Rules of Golf – with all the new rules of golf this year, this app. can help any golfer understand the new rules as well as how to proceed with the correct drop, penalty, etc. the videos are great animated and real situations.

3 – PGA Tour App. and Golf Channel – for all the news in golf!

PGA Golf Professional
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Arccos Caddie & USGA Rules of Golf

Not using many at this point but a couple of my favorites are:

Arccos Caddie – used in conjunction with Cobra Golf to help with golf club yardage and instruction. Tracks distances with each club and rounds of golf – where you hit each shot and lets you know where your strengths and weaknesses are.

USGA Rules of Golf – with the new rules in effect since January of 2019, a lot of questions come up. Stroke and Distance local rule, penalty areas and the new way to drop the ball are always discussed with my members.

Sun City West Golf
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Coach's Eye

As a Certified PGA Golf Instructor I want my players to easily remember what they need to work on to improve quickly. The “Coache’s Eye” App is a great video analysis tool with 240 fps on my iPhone. It allows me to do a voice over recording of their lesson or practice drill which is easily emailed to my player. My players love this feature!

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My favorite golf app is GolfShot. Whether you’re keeping a handicap, taking your statistics or previewing course layouts to game-plan for golf courses like I am…  this app has it all!

The Legacy Golf Resort
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Hudl technique app

Hudl technique app which is very simple for recording swings, drawing lines and doing voice over notes for golfers to learn from.

Steve Bosdosh Golf Academy
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Metro timer

Metro timer. Use it as a putting metronome. With over 40% of competitive golfers strokes on the green, maintaining proper rhythm and distance control is crucial for consistent performance. You can watch all tour players live or on TV and see who has a confident rhythm and pace of stroke and who doesn’t

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TrackMan, V1, and Putting Boot Camp

I can’t pick just one favorite golf app. I like the TrackMan app. I use it every day. It is amazing at providing feedback to my students. I also use the V1 app the video analysis features and model swings are second to none. Lastly I like the Putting Boot Camp app from Eyeline Golf. Provides great drills and skill challenges for any level player.

PGA Golf Professional
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V1 Frontier

Favorite Golf App would be V1 Frontier video analysis.

I use the pro version as it allows me to send video analysis to students.  Free version allows students to send me their swings while out on the road. Clean, simple to use and very effective.

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V1 when I am giving professional lessons

There are so many golf apps on the market right now from GPS apps to shot tracker apps. I personally, use V1 when I am giving professional lessons to record and analysis of my clients swing after the lesson, as well as show my client in real time what we are trying to work on. With all the golf apps out there, Instagram has actually become a very good app to use. Golf professionals from all over are beginning to upload quick lessons and tips for mass viewers to quickly see; it also allows golfers to follow the PGA tour more closely than ever.

FarmLinks Golf Club
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Game of Golf Instiute (GOGI)

A golf app I used to use in college was called Game of Golf Instiute (GOGI).

I know the website is still active but not sure if the app is available.

Kept track of all my round statistics, gave me a handicap to play from, and really helps improve the areas that you need to improve.  Really a neat tool to have and would highly recommend to anyone not only to lower their scores but to know their percentages in all categories on the golf course.

Brookside Country Club
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YouTube, Google, and V1

YouTube and Google are best. V1 is helpful as well.

Lake Isle Country Club
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All on YouTube/GolfSwings….

Try to watch 10 weekly…just another way to solve a problem….

StoneWater Golf Club
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