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Which handheld launch monitors are the best for amateur golfers?

Which handheld launch monitors are the best for amateur golfers?
As launch monitors get smaller and more connected to our mobile phones, it can be tough to find the right one for your game and your golf goals. Here is what our professionals have to say.

6 Professionals Contributed

FlightScope Mevo+

The absolute best launch monitor any amateur can purchase! Doubles as a simulator. And easy to use on the golf course. My academy features Mevo+ for its academy members, allowing them to use Mevo+ during practice sessions. And as accurate as my FlightScope X3. Watch my good friend, Alex Trujillo demonstrate its capabilities!

John Hughes Golf

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The Swing Caddy S300

The Swing Caddy S300 is simple to use, gives plenty of needed information. It’s extremely accurate which is critical to the users.
It’s easy to hear and see in sunlight.

For the price you can’t beat it, it’s a fraction of the price of the top name brands and does all the average golfer needs.
Highly recommend and fits easily in your golf bag pockets or back pocket!

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Which is the best?????

My answer is based on what some friend have told me as well as clients, From a friend of my from the Met PGA section, when he does not have the use of CGQuad or Trackman especially outside and easy of travel the Flightscope Mevo seems to be the winner. The only I don’t know if you have to buy the little metal stickers to place on club face. From my students at the store had 3 switch from Swing Caddie over to Rapsado, They felt it was giving more correct numbers (plus/minus) of trackman. But what I’m seeing and hearing alot of outdoor places are putting in Top tracer like Top Golf (Like Anchor Driving Range)

Fox Hollow Golf Club

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SkyTrak offers a lot of competitive data for a fairly inexpensive price. Great for the home set-up.

Zelocity & Ernest Sports

Zelocity and Ernest Sports is pretty good

Precision Golf Academy

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Trust your eyes or a machine?

No doubt about it, launch monitors are here to stay…I wonder if Ben Hogan or Jack Nicklaus needed one?

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