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About Backswing.com

Backswing.com is an Internet publication where golf professionals have a voice to share their views and insight on topics ranging from instruction, to fitness, to the game itself. We began by publishing written roundups where multiple pros comment on a specific topic.
Since publishing the first roundup in April of 2019, hundreds of golf professionals have come on board to provide their wide-ranging opinions and advice. We are incredibly grateful for the reception we received from the community of golf professionals and for their active participation in our efforts to grow the game.
As Backswing continued to grow, we saw an opportunity to bring more value to our readers in the areas of instruction and great deals at top courses. In early 2021 we launched The Fix by Backswing & Foursomes by Backswing.


Brian Null

Brian has a background in launching and growing Internet ventures and online publications. He got his start in the late 1990s and typically looks for opportunities to acquire impact names in commercially viable niches. A few of his past ventures include: OfficeSupply.com, MO.com, and GolfCourses.com. Brian is currently focused on growing Backswing.com and advising on EventPros.com. With Backswing.com, he has combined his enjoyment of golf with his interests in business.
When not clocked in for business, you will find Brian spending time with his wife Susan and their energetic Great Dane puppy. As new entrants into the Van Life craze, they will be chasing 80 degrees wherever they can find it.

Erick Arbe

Erick has been a PGA Professional since 2005 after he graduated from Methodist University. He has held several positions in the golf industry, as well as playing a full season on the Korean PGA Tour in 2007. He has started several software and web-based companies, including SwingLoft, the first video analysis software for Apple computers. His company, Golf Web Design, is a leading web development firm within the golf industry.
He currently runs Arbe Digital and Golf Web Design and is a full-stack developer – building software and websites for clients in numerous different industries.

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