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When and how should you use the bump and run golf shot?

| 25 golf professionals contributed.

One of the most useful shots around the green is the bump-and-run shot. It involves hitting the ball low and letting it run to the hole like a putt. However, there are certain situations when this shot might hurt instead of help. Our pros explain the best ways to hit this golf shot below.

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To dial in distance on wedge shots, should players focus more on swing length or swing speed?

| 31 golf professionals contributed.

Distance control is crucial when it comes to close shots under 100 yards from the hole. Two big ways to predictably control distance are the length of your swing and the speed of your swing. Most "feel" players will tell you they just feel how hard they need to hit the ball. More technical players might tell you they control distance by how far back they swing the club. Either way, let's see what our PGA Professionals have to say on the matter.

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