Do you have any go-to drills for getting your hands into the correct impact position?

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The golf swing seems so simple until you actually get to impact. So many things can go wrong! We asked our instructors what are their favorite drills for helping with the most important piece of the golf swing.

A Dynamic Impact Requires Dynamic Practice

Where the hands should be at impact is a common question many amateurs ask. While it’s understandable to think practicing getting the hands in the proper spot at impact would help achieve better contact, a couple points to consider:

1) In a real golf swing (not a drill) impact is dynamic- it’s a motion, not a stagnant moment in time.
2) Where the hands end up at impact is mostly determined by the motion of the player’s body at impact- if the body is out of position, the hands will be as well.

Great ball strikers’ hands can vary a bit at impact, but in general they tend to be forward of the ball (toward the target) some amount, and a bit higher than where they were at address (from DTL). A player’s grip type plays a factor in the exact positioning.

However, I recommend most amateurs direct their attention on learning what should be happening with their BODY and HANDS BEFORE, AT, and AFTER impact. This helps them coordinate the MOTION through impact, instead of just feeling a POSITION at impact.

Ideally, the pelvis is rotating toward the target while also pushing up, the torso is rotating open too, and the lead wrist is working from a flexed (bowed) position BEFORE impact toward an extended (cupped) position AFTER impact. This allows for maximum speed and a square clubface at impact, as well as a stable release post-impact. Dynamically practicing small swings to help feel and coordinate these motions will help any player learn to strike the ball more solidly more often.

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Impact Drills

Need a drill to rehearse your impact position? This drill is for you. Simply address the golf ball. Now, place your hands in front of the golf ball and kick your trail knee in towards your lead knee so that your heel is just off the ground. Keep the shoulders where they are, and slightly turn your belt buckle towards the target.
There you go! That’s the perfect impact position. Now reset and try and get back there at impact. Check out our video link for a tutorial and visit


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Impact is hopefully the fastest point in ones swing. To be consistent in getting your hands in a good position you can go through a long list of drills but one of the oldest and best is an impact bag or box. It really engages your head and body to remember what impact should feel like.

Think of your hands in the address position...

With an impact bag get the student to swing the club into it and hold that position so they can see and feel what their hand should be doing…Ideally, hands should be in the impact position, as they are in the address position…

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I will definitely give a plug to the “Impact Snap” training aid. It’s small enough to keep in your Teaching Bag and quick to use.

My favorite is using an impact bag. However I fill mine up with about a Third of sand and then add packing foam. If you really want to work on the impact position the impact bag has to have some density to it so that you can really see where the club is at impact.

I also like to use and old tire. because it just isn’t going to wear out. You just have to be careful with the tire, if you don’t do it properly you may get hurt. Additionally if you use the tire, get an old club. I have definitely had some shafts bend through the years.

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Parallel palms

Swing the arms (no club) with the palms parallel (not touching) from hip high to hip high,allowing body movement to accompany.

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Golf is a game of motion not positions.

I do not talk much about the body , but pay more attention to what to do with the club and the body follows . I talk about swinging with rhythm and balance , not about positions. Golf is a game of motion not positions.

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I have them start at three quarters of a follow through

When players are having trouble feeling where their hands should be at the the top of the backswing I have them start at three quarters of a follow through then start the club swinging down and back and as it continues to swing on it’s own the clubs finds the correct top of backswing position for that particular golfers swing.

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The Backswing Fix

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