11th at the Bluffs

The 11th Hole at Arcadia Buffs is one of the best holes in the world. This 633 yard par 5 has one of the best views in all of golf. The tee shot is nearly blind with just a sliver of the fairway showing. The caddy tip is to aim at the native bunker through the fairway which looks like they are a mile away. When I played there my wife, she asked, “how long is this hole?!” The views speak for themselves. After hitting a nearly perfectly solid drive I couldn’t believe how far the ball rolled down the slopes. With about 270 yards left, down hill and down wind, couldn’t believe the views with the pine trees off the left edge and the almost infinity green with Lake Michigan in the background. I hit a 2 hybrid as pure as silk and landed short, only to bounce onto the front of the green. To two-putt birdie that hole, with my wife, and those views, that is why this takes the cake as my favorite hole in all of golf!