At what point is club fitting necessary

When a beginning golfer starts to play the game, they often don’t think they want to invest in a good set of custom fit clubs. They aren’t good enough. Well, I’d say at the very least they should take a lesson or two and have their professional check to make sure the equipment they have is suitable. Chances are they are using hand me downs, and while they can be just fine, I know of one individual who “inherited” a set of Hogan irons–I bought them off him–that were all 6 degrees flat in lie angle. In other words, completely unplayable except for Ben himself. Another student was “hitting from the top” with a standard ladies’ set, and when I properly fit her that move vanished without comment or instruction because the new club did not have a built in slice for her.

A good fitter can also save you money by eliminating the purchase of “useless” clubs which can come with a standard set. For example, a beginning golfer often can do just fine with a two lofted woods, five irons, two wedges and putter.