Distance,distance,distance !

The most often question asked on the practice tee is this question on how to get more distance.The answer will vary on the students development. Assuming you have no obvious flaws, then we can address the core objective. Fitness should require a personal trainer, because you only want to build your golf muscles. DeChambeau took this route to a proven superior outcome.

Size is not all it takes, but can be an advantage. Older golfers may remember when Chi Chi Rodriguez was one of the longest hitters on the tour in the 50’s and 60’s. He was short in stature but built wiry. The LPGA women have that same quality and that is good hand action. A full shoulder turn matched with a good downward pull of the arms as the hips begin the forward rotation will retain the wrist angle for a stronger release at the nadir of the arc, which is the ball’s location.

Every part of the body is moving the same direction in sync toward the target. Even Gary Player added a walk through step toward the target to solidify this objective.