Finding each amateurs personal go to shot.

I would say that there is no single go-to shot for every amateur. Amateurs have been inundated with so many varying ways to go about hitting shots around the green that it often leads to confusion and poor short games.

For example, many students have seen the Phil Mickelson hinge and hold method. Now, there is no way I am criticizing Mickelson who clearly has one of the greatest short games of all time, however many amateurs who attempt this method end up having the hands so far forward and hinge so early and then try to lean the shaft forward even more coming down they end up digging the leading edge into the turf and hit mostly fat shots and experience inconsistent distance control.

Before I show any student what their “stock” chipping or pitching motion is I always explain what bounce is and how to use it. Instead of a go-to shot I have a go-to discussion. After they understand what bounce is then we can get to work and develop a go-to shot. 9 times out of 10 it involves learning to get the shaft neutral at address, with pressure on the lead side at address. Then returning the shaft to neutral at impact with more chest rotation thru the shot than they thought. This activates the bounce and almost immediately improves their distance control and contact.