Firm wristed chips are a must or your game is a bust!

Having a stock firm-wristed chip shot is an essential for anybody that plays the game!

In fact I would say short game skill is directly related to a lower handicap. In other words, the better player fully understands the need to putt any time putting is possible, chip if putting is not possible and pitch only if there is no other alternative. Low skill (high score) players go air born with their short game shots way too frequently and vice versa.

The chip is a shot with minimal air time and maximum roll time; while the pitch is max air and minimum roll. Getting high handicap players to understand that low rolling shots tend to require less skill and are more repeatable in terms of results is not an easy sell!

How to bump it and let it run out:

Grip down on club
Handle forward and weight forward
Ball first contact with an ascending blow kind of like an angled putting stroke
Flat left wrist pointed parallel to target line bent right wrist—transport this feeling back and through
Orient shoulders properly at address to make the ascending blow
Most players can do this easier from an open stance—more room for proper hand path
Stock distance that club goes back (learn to chip with different lofted clubs using the same stroke)
Get your carry to roll ratios through practice (trial and error—loft decreases rollout)
Chip it to the edge of the green and let it roll out like a putt (green reading is key)
Ball forward hits higher chips ball back in stance hits lower chips-find your uniform spot and lock it in

Learning how to bump the ball low and towards your target then letting it roll out should be most players go-to method to get up and down! Especially if little time is spent practicing the short game! Frankly, it is just an easier method to save par!

If your 8 iron bump and run is 1 yard in the air and 5 yards of roll you then must calibrate your PW, SW and maybe even a 5 iron. This makes for a repeatable chance of getting inside 10 feet to save par etc.,

So your methodology is to gage how far you need to bump it (to get to the edge of the green) then get an idea of how far it will have to roll to get to the hole from the landing spot. This is based on using the stock bump and changing clubs to get the desired roll out.

When you learn to calibrate your chipping game with a stock stroke and different lofted clubs you will eventually have the chance to get up and down from anywhere! Don’t be surprised if your scores start to decrease! The attached photo tells you just how many times all players need to get up and down during the course of the average round of golf!