Fitting is not just for tour pros…

Repeatable golf swings can benefit from modern club fitting technology. This goes for swings that consistently produce good shots or bad shots. If the club path and club face consistently move through impact changing lie angle and changing shafts can improve dispersion. So getting fit is not just for tour pros!

The average high handicapper today can have clubs custom fit to help offset their marginal turf engagement pre or post impact. The variety of shaft options available at your typical custom fitting can help players pick up 10-20 yards of carry distance irrespective of handicap.

If you do not spend money on instruction as a means to change how you strike the ball then definitely get yourself custom fit; your clubs will last 10 years or more. The technology used to make todays golf equipment is vastly different than the equipment of yesteryear.

Get properly fit clubs; then find the right ball for your short game needs or desired shot shape.

It may be expensive but if you play a few times a week you deserve to have properly fit equipment.