Fixing the Block!

All golfers face hitting a block or push to right of target (right hand player) from time to time. The most common mistake is the club approaching the ball too far from the inside or under the plane.

This can be caused by clearing the hips too quickly or hanging back on the trail foot too long. The push can also become a quick hook if the hands “flip” the clubface closed prior to impact. The correction on the downswing is to make sure the right elbow is in front of the right hip joint when arms reach waist high. This allows the club to swing around the arc past impact in sync with body resulting in squaring the clubface. Rehearse downswing sequence to check position right elbow… also try hitting shots with right arm only holding the upper arm on chest with left hand.

The second most common cause of the block is losing posture through impact and raising the handle of the club preventing the hands from releasing and squaring the clubface at impact. Very similar to a “check swing” in baseball. To fix this, practice your pivot with head against door jamb to maintain posture in swing.

Another exercise that works well for either mistake is to start from a 3/4 backswing position, then swing the club slightly “outside in” or “low and left” after impact. Sometimes just watching the ball until right shoulder turns under chin is enough to keep you in posture through impact.

Good Luck!!