Flatten your Swing for Better Drives

When you strike a ball off the ground think of a tilted Ferris wheel with the club mainly working up and down. This means irons, fairway woods and hybrids need down strike for any height in the shot. Ball position needs to be centered and not too far up in stance to create this angle of attack.

Driver is completely different with ball farther up in stance but still between feet and swing is more like a helicopter blade and more rounded. Quickest way to miss hit your driver is to get steep on the backswing causing numerous problems in the effort to return the club back properly. Perfect practice swing for the driver is to address the ball then lift the club above the ball and make some baseball type horizontal swings feeling the club work around your body and not vertical. This causes face rotation and body coil which equals distance.

Ground shots are vertical, driver swings are horizontal period. Simple thought but so effective for proper contact. Practice and good luck!!