Focus on Center Face Contact

One of the most important skills to being a great golfer is to hit the ball solid in the center of the club face. Tour pro’s do this much more consistently than we do and it has a direct correlation to a players handicap.
The main reasons I see golfers fail to hit the center is the following…

– too much posture change and head movement before impact.
– excessive in-to-out or out-to-in club path.
– overuse of the hands and wrists through impact, flipping, rotating, or re-hinging.

The first step is to figure out which flaw is yours… excessive body, path, or hands?

If you are losing posture or moving too much, try swinging a short iron with your feet together at a smooth pace (maybe 75%).
If your path is too much right or left, try hitting balls close to a parallel board or foam noodle, maybe 2 inches outside the ball. Don’t hit the object!

If hand action is the issue, focus on short swings and keeping your hands in front of your chest as you turn through, you can use a training aid between your arms.

Finally, anybody can improve by simply putting the ball between two tees that are slightly wider than your club head… a gate. Swing through the gate and keep note of which tee you tend to hit… and remember to always take a slight divot or brush of the grass.