Getting ready for higher swing speeds.

To be well prepared to swing a driver long irons and hybrids at the club speed they need you should have an “athletic readiness” set up. Example a wider stance for balance, a solid posture position, bend from the waist and slight knee bend to activate or engage your trail foot speed, leg action and hip rotation into the ball. Once set Try not to have any still time over the ball. Incorporate a waggle, look at your target then ball, there is nothing worse than standing like a statue over the ball, great athletes are always in motion, makes them ready to react , don’t be an like an archeologist and just stare at the ball. From your athletic readiness position See what you want, rehearse what you want your body to do, then go ahead and make your best swing. Watch Bryson De Chambeau, no still time there just readying for speed before launch!