Idiosyncrasies champion

They call me idiosyncrasies champion because because I love players who come in front of me with unusual styles that are are very efficient and keep working despite going against the norm I see 2000 people a day on our range no two swings look the same, similar but not the same. I love people like Jim Furek, Mat Wolfe, John Daly De Chambeau, Moe Norman and the millions of others who swing their own way “outside of the box” Individuality is what makes golf great, their own interpretation of the fundamentals like Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, same thing inside the box. The only thing that’s changed After 100 years , “The packaging”.

Fundamentals have been the same for hundreds of years too, the packaging has changed. feel free to discover and embellish put your own signature on them. Have a decent grip and alignment make sure the angles of approach to the ball are correct on the downswing and the clubface is facing where you want the ball to go at impact, pretty simple, the ball does not care what you look like before that. There’s no such thing as fundamentals because they are ever evolving.