Impact Spot, Club Face, and Carry Distance are Key

Launch monitor technology is invaluable tech for any golfer who is serious about improvement. Devices like TrackMan or FlightScope provide important feedback to measure your current technique and improvements over time, as well as to dial in your club fitting needs. The key is to find a certified instructor or fitter who can utilize the technology effectively, work with you to develop a customized improvement plan, and help select the best equipment for your game.

However, if you don’t currently have access to a launch monitor, several devices can provide feedback. Foot power spray is available at any local drug store and can be sprayed on the club face to measure impact spot and wipes off with a damp towel (try it!). A simple driveway marker from your local hardware store can be used as a golf alignment aid. Stick it vertically down your target line, and you can instantly tell whether your golf ball is starting to the right or left (which tells you if your face is to the right or left at impact, respectively). You can quantify your carry yardages by bringing your laser rangefinder to the range with you and actually scouting out the targets before you begin practice.

Use these three feedback devices together to know your impact spot, club face angle at impact, and carry distance- three keys for swing improvement!