In general, only the player themselves can determine when it's time to change grips.

I’m sure everyone has heard how often tour pros get their clubs re-gripped? Some tour pros do it as often as every new event. This is a bit of overkill, but they do appreciate the feeling of fresh grips at the start of every event. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the resources to get our clubs re-gripped that often, so we need to know when the time is right. That time is specific to each player. With the cost of a full set re-grip costing upwards of $150-$200 (depending on grip) we want to get the most out of our grips. Some grips will last longer than others depending of the type of material they are made out of. This factor plays a major role is determining when to re-grip.

I myself re-grip my clubs when the material of the grip has lost its tack. As we play, the oils from our hands cover the grip, as does our sweat and potentially anything else on our hands. Keeping our grips clean helps with their longevity. Sometimes using water and a fine grit sand paper will help bring the grips back to their original feel. Once this trick no longer works, it is time to change them out. Another way to keep your grips lasting longer is to keep them out of prolonged exposure to cold weather. If you live in the north and have to deal with extremely cold temperatures, do not store your clubs where the temperatures are close to those outside. Rubber grips that have been exposed to very cold temperatures will lose their elasticity, thus shortening the grips lifespan.

In general, only the player themselves can determine when it’s time to change grips. Nothing does beat the feel of brand new grips!