Iron play and divots

Okay, so there are many great players who have a shallow angle of attack and don’t take much of a divot. But, a slight angle of attack with some shaft lean will give your max compression, distance and spin on iron shots. In my opinion, it would be beneficial to be multiple.

When you play certain grasses like zoysia, the ball really sits up because the blades are strong. With that being said, it is easy to “sweep” it off the turf and hit quality golf shots.

Also, when you are hitting irons off a tee, you can hit great iron shots by being very level with your angle of attack, especially with long irons. But, when you play courses where grass is mown closely to the turf, it is difficult to hit the sweet spot in all the grooves unless you have a negative angle of attack which leads to divots.

This holds true for irons, hybrids and even fairway woods.