Irons VS/ Drivers

I am an advocate that the iron swing and the driver swing should have some differences. When the ball is on the ground it should have a different angle of attack than when it is sitting 2 or 3 inches off of the ground on a tee.

Here is Trackman data that I have;
PGA Tour:
Driver-1.3 degrees down

LPGA Tour;
Driver-3.0 degrees up

World Long Drive;
Driver-6 to 8 degrees up

I think what you take out of these numbers is on the LPGA their swing speeds are not nearly as fast as on the PGA Tour and they need to maximize their distance. The World Long Drive competitors only make their money by hitting bombs.
Even when I did a deeper dive into some of the PGA Tour numbers the longer drivers of the ball are swinging up on it.
Since most amateur’s don’t have the swing speed of PGA Tour Players they should really look at what the LPGA Players are doing to maximize distance.