It aint the Arrow, its the i (oops, Golfer)

The bottom line to putting well is good fundamentals, solid setup, feel, and PRACTICE.

I have a rock taped to a stick that I use to beat the bejeebers out of the guys that come out with the new super-duper, space-age, titanium, graphite composite, Bumble Bee, triple wing, computerized and laser-guided implements, thinking that their new magic wand will solve all of their putting problems and help them to master the play on the greens. Sorry………….. I got carried away!

The new clubs will help because they ARE better, but only if they put the time and effort in, practice, and develop true confidence in their distance control and alignment! Period!

The short answer is to find a center shafted, face balanced, upright (11-degree lie) putter with defined lines, a grip that feels great, and that fits your eye well enough to sleep with it. Find a putter you love! practice for HOURS until your back aches and your focus is waning. Stick with it, learn your tendencies, and earn the confidence to believe you are a GREAT putter!! No Shortcuts! My opinion, and once again I happen to be correct!

Have fun