Keep it LOW

I think most players, unless they are highly skilled would be much better off with the Bump and Run. I’ve got two rules of thumb on my short game outline I give folks.

1. Putt if you can, if you can’t putt chip (bump and run) if you can’t chip pitch (as a last resort)
2. Never use more loft than you need. The more loft the bigger and less consistent the swing and the more the ball is in the air the less predictable what it will do–on the ground is more predictable.

To hit the bump and run use a 5, 6, 7 iron or even a lofted hybrid. Set-up is crucial–for a right hander it’s feet very close together, choke down on the club and get very close to the ball with the shaft as vertical as you can (the more vertical the shaft the longer the clubhead stays on the target line). Then LEFT, LEFT, LEFT (for a left hander it’s RIGHT 3 times. Ball left, weight slightly on the left foot and hands just left of the ball. Very little to NO body movement on the backswing–shoulders and arms only, with almost no wrist hinge unless the shot is a long one. The forward swing, keep the hands/grip in front of the clubhead and try to hit the shot as low as possible while keeping the club very low to the ground on the follow through. If the clubhead passes the hands and comes up in the air the result will either be a fat shot or a shot that gets too high in the air.