Keep Your Arms in Front and Transfer Weight

I have worked with many golfers who struggled with hitting behind the golf ball. In many cases, the player’s arms and clubhead are working very hard to the inside and flat. The arms get stuck “behind” the body, making it very difficult to return the club head back to the golf ball. A good drill is to put an alignment rod down along your toes at address. Take the clubhead back until the club shaft is parallel to the ground. At this point, the shaft should match the alignment rod on the ground.

It helps many players to think about taking the club lower and slower straight back, instead of wrapping it around the body so quickly. This allows for the arms to stay more in front of your chest, making it easier to swing the club on plane and transfer your weight through the ball. A good drill to practice weight transfer is the Gary Player Drill. Post impact, allow your trail foot to step over your lead foot, similar to how Gary Player played many shots in tournament rounds! This forces players who hang back on their trail foot and scoop, to transfer their weight into their lead side. Try these tips to help eliminate your chunks.