"Keep Your Head Down" is a No-No

While we’ve all heard an Instructor tell us to “Keep Your Head Down”, it’s probably the worst thing you can focus on to maximize solid ball striking.

The golf swing is based on fast rotation. Great players rotate the club around their body. At impact, keeping your head down would restrict the rotation of your body in the follow through to finish. This most likely leads to chunking and hooking. If the body stops rotating and the arms keep flying, and the clubface will either bottom out before the hitting area, or flip through impact. Our goal is to support a square clubface, and keeping the rotational movement of your core, and head, is critical to success.

As an alternative, I suggest we think about “Keep Your Eye on the Ball”. In doing so, the head must rotate through the hitting area in concert with the body. By allowing head rotation, we’ve got a chance finish body rotation and maintain face angle through impact. Next time you hit balls, try to locate the ball in flight 3-5 feet in front of you after impact. I think you’ll find the clubface stays square longer, you’ll maintain your rotational speed through impact, and find less curve and more solid strikes in your game.