Lag vs. Cast

Many golfers hit behind the ball because they “cast” the club, on the downswing. It is very important to “lag” the club, instead. When a golfer falls victim to casting the club, they are swinging too hard, from the top of their backswing. The arms take over, the body stops turning and the hands push the shaft with too much effort, too soon in the swing. The result is a club head that is thrusted downward, too steeply at the ball and hits the ground, behind the ball. Ladies and gentlemen, save your casting for the fishing pond! You need to lag the club, instead.

Here’s how: lighten up your grip pressure. Swing back slowly, pause at the top of your backswing and then start the club down effortlessly, not forcefully. By using good tempo and feeling graceful, you can easily lag the shaft on the downswing. The lag is the 90° angle you create, by keeping your lead arm straight, your grip pressure soft and your wrists cocked (holding the car at a 90° angle). Just simply let club swing. Do not force it to hit the ball. Sweep the turf. And finish your swing, effortlessly.

Try this, next time you practice. “Swing,” don’t “hit.“ You will lag the club and catch it more crisply, on the sweet spot! Enjoy!