Learn a Basic Chip

I define a chip shot as a shot that has minimal moving parts and is hit with a de-lofted club that engages a bit of the leading edge. It’s best chosen when there’s a bit of a cushion under the ball, as it’s not the most forgiving motion, but it is one of the simplest.

Set up with your feet close together, your weight favoring your front foot, and the ball in the middle of your stance. Play it too far back and you’ll engage too much leading edge and dig easily. Grip down and get closer to the ball. Hinge your wrists slightly during the backswing, let the club come to a stop, and rotate your chest moving your hands through (not throwing the trail wrist to move the clubhead). Phil Mickelson calls it “hinge and hold,” but I call it a simple and effective shot that can be played with anything from a 5-iron to a lob wedge.