Making this shot as simple and repeatable as possible

My “go-to” chip shot technique is geared at making this shot as simple and repeatable as possible. The address position is the most common issue I see year in and year out with students.

I like to see both feet relatively close together, with ball favoring the rear of the stance, just about by the rear big toe. The shaft will have a bit of forward shaft lean, but nothing drastic. We won’t look for much of an ‘athletic’ stance whatsoever. By standing relatively upright, which will also force us to stand closer to the ball, the 9 Iron or PW (these are my recommended club choices) will sit upright , whereas only the toe of the club sole will be contacting the ground at address. The heel of the club sole should be off of the ground just a bit. This allows the club to glide easily through the fairway or light rough without increasing power.

With this proper starting position, we simply brush the grass under the ball with a putting type motion, similar to a grandfather clock or a pendulum. We need to land the ball approximately 1/3 of the distance to the flag, as the majority of the distance is spent on the ground. We play undulation and/or elevation change similar to putting.

Note: If your ball is buried, even if it is right next to the green, a ‘chip’ in and of itself is not the correct club choice. We then need a higher lofted club with more of a ‘swing’.

Good luck & play well!