Being prepared is the best and easiest way to calm your nerves so you feel good about your first swing of the day.

Having a little bit of nerves is a good thing; it means you care and you’re wanting to play well. But being too nervous or having no nervousness at all is a sign you’re not prepared, nor do you care.

Prepare the night before, envisioning the shot and how you intend to play that shot. You can also envision how the ball flight will look and where it will land. Prepare at the practice area as you get ready to play, by rehearsing the first tee shot. Go through your pre-shot routine and make the swing. Finally, if you do have a little nervous energy on the tee, take a deep breath. You’ll be surprised how putting an extra burst of oxygen in your system will calm you.

Take just a little time to prepare to play your first shot. Doing so will set up a great round of golf.