Rahm and Finau playoff continues on Monday!!

I already have my VCR set to record the 2 hole playoff between Jon Rahm and Tony Finau! I had it set for Monday , but they changed the rule in 2019 from an 18 hole playoff to a two-hole aggregate ( I disagree with the decision to abandon the tradition!).

I love to see solid , compact, and aggressive golf swings on demanding golf courses that require driving it in play and consistent iron play under pressure!
( (big long swings and too much time for thinkin’ makes for stinkin’)

In addition, they both have developed their short games, creativity, and ability to focus and grind when necessary.

It is part of the progression and development GREAT players go through. I believe it is their time! More important if you follow either of them, THEY both believe this is their time!

In the event it is not this year or event, I will be willig to wager all $17 dollars I have in my retirement fund that Jon Rahm and Tony Finau will be battleing each other for several Major titles. Their games are built or majors, and performance under pressure!