Rythym and Tempo are everything

The short answer on this is rhythm and tempo are the most important keys in the game once it comes time to pull the trigger and execute any golf shot This includes the often neglected chipping and putting “swings”.

This answer assumes the player has built a strong swing and routine of solid fundamentals and knows how to play. Great players count on good rhythm, and all golfers benefit from focusing on tempo. Finding and maintaining rhythm and tempo is a career-long quest. We are constantly trying to swing a little slower, smoother, and in better balance. Being aware of the importance is step one to becoming a better player!

Exploring and practicing this aspect of the golf swing is rewarded with better contact, improved focus for the game, and consistent execution. I will keep it simple and offer one simple exercise to improve in this area.

The great Sam Snead (renowned for his smooth Swing) said he swung a weighted club ( You can use two clubs or a hosel donut ) every day, deliberately slowly, fully extended, and smoothly, with his head still 25 times a day. Think of your swing as one whole motion! Swing the club forward a 1/4 turn for a head start, then keep it swinging fully, smoothly and slowly, and without exertion! (don’t hurt yourself!!!!)
Start with 5, and you will see results immediately.

Play well, Have fun out there.