Set-Up Sequence for Alignment Success

One of the best ways to find proper alignment when putting is to sequence your set-up appropriately. Many amateurs walk into a putt by setting the feet first, then take the grip, and finally try to align the putter face toward the target. Unfortunately, this set up sequence of Body-Grip-Putter can cause players to get “locked in” to any misalignment of the body, and may affect a player’s perception when bending over to the ball.

Most tour players use a Putter-Grip-Body sequence when walking into a putt. This means aligning the putter face first when approaching the ball, then taking the grip, and finally shuffling the feet to position the body to the putt. When following this sequence, the putter face is aligned toward the target and the body sets up around the putter, offering the best opportunity for quality alignment. Setting the feet and body last also allows a player to make fine adjustments until the set-up alignment feels “just right.”

Note: While most players I see have been fit for a driver, few have been fit for a putter. The Putter-Grip-Body sequence works best with a properly fit putter, so see a knowledgeable local putting coach or fitter who can help.